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The 14 Best Butt Exercises To Firm Up And Round Your Backside Into Bubble Butt Form

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Butt Exercise 3 — Stability Ball Leg Curls

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How To:

Protocol: 15 reps or 12 reps/leg

Target Muscle(s): Butt, Hamstrings, Abs, Lower Back

  • (1) Lie on your back with your heels on top of a stability ball.
  • (2) Press your heels into the ball and lift your body off the floor to form a straight bridge with your body.
  • (3) Powerfully contract your butt and hamstrings, and curl the ball inwards until your knees form a right angle — you should feel a massive contraction in the lower part of your butt, where it intersects with the hamstrings.
  • (4) Hold the contraction for .5s, roll the ball back out to full bridge, and repeat.

If this is too easy you can amp up the intensity by doing it with one leg (keep the second leg elevated in the air; 2:00 mark in this video demo).

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Bryan DiSanto

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I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

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Bryan DiSanto
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