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3 Weird Workout Hacks That Can Actually Help Boost Performance

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This article was authored by Michael Volkin. Michael is the inventor of Strength Stack 52 and Weight Loss Stack 52, a fun and unique way to lose weight.

It’s not hard to find hundreds of search results for fitness and workout tips when searching the internet. That’s why I was on a mission to pull out a trifecta of quick and easy fitness hacks that actually work to boost performance, as proven by scientific studies. 

The most effective workout ideas are those that work for you and your lifestyle. Every person’s physical make-up and lifestyle is different, as is everyone’s individual motivation for exercising. Implement your favorites and see how they work for you.


1. Grow a Milk Mustache

A chocolate milk mustache, that is.

While some athletes turn to protein shakes for a post-workout boost, chocolate milk might be just as good of an option. Chocolate milk provides the optimal ratio of carbs-to-protein (4:1), which makes it a great source of fuel for recovery (plus, it’s already mixed up).1

One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that muscle protein synthesis was greater when milk-based proteins were consumed after a workout, versus soy-based proteins. If whey isn’t an option or you just want to switch it up, grab a chocolate milk.2


2. Hit the Coffee Shop

coffee workout, fitness tips, workout tips, gym tips, workout rules, workout tips, workout strategies, how to workout, how to start working out, lifting tips

Image: Fitsugar

If you’re a coffee addict, you’re likely already taking advantage. If not, grab a cup. Studies show that coffee consumption can help boost workout performance.

Not only does caffeine provide a slight metabolism boost, it also makes fat more readily available during exercise, which delays the depletion of muscle glycogen (stored carbs in muscles). That response is thought to produce an improvement in exercise endurance and performance, according to an article by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Like green tea extract, it also bumps up the rate at which fat is burned.


3. Talk to Yourself

While most people get bothered (and slightly scared) by others who talk to themselves while working out, the results of a recent study might get you mumbling.

In a study published in MSSEJ, researchers found that motivational self-talk significantly reduced perceived exertion and boosted overall exercise performance. As it turns out, physical exhaustion—or the desire to stop working out—is at least partially psychological.

The study recommends consistent, orderly self-talk in order to produce the desired effects. By using statements such as “I am strong,” or “I can do two more reps,” you may find yourself pumping out an extra rep or running longer than ever before.


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