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61 Fitness And Diet Rules For A Lean, Stellar Physique

62 Fitness And Diet Rules For A Lean, Stellar Physique

Adopting an all-around healthy, fit lifestyle takes a silly amount of dedication, commitment, knowledge, and precise judgement — and I mean a lot of all of those things. It takes a lifestyle approach built around a foundation of healthy habits and routines, not a temporary crash diet or exercise kick.

Fitness is NOT cyclical.

Dieting sucks and doesn’t work. In fact, ~95% of people who lose weight dieting gain it back within 2-3 years.1

That’s exactly why I created this list. To highlight 61 key rules that, when combined, can cultivate a lifestyle approach to fitness, health, and diet.

In my mind every single one of these rules is ESSENTIAL. I can offer you one promise; more rules implemented = better long-term results. If you can kick in all 62, cheers to you — you’ll be lean, mean, and rocking a stellar body in no time flat.

61 Fitness & Diet Rules For A Lean, Stellar Physique

healthy breakfast, smoothie, eat breakfast, breakfast is important

1. Breakfast really is the most important meal.

Your body needs to refuel after starving overnight for 7, 8, 9 hours. You’ll prevent muscle breakdown, rev up metabolism, and supply your body and brain with much needed energy. 100% required.


Too many people take sleep for granted, if you’re one of those people it’s going to kill you one day. Sleep deprivation causes stress, obesity, heart disease, decreased mental/athletic performance and a ton of other nasty conditions. Aim for 7-8 hours per night.

3. Focus on protein.

When it comes to building/preserving muscle it’s critical to A) ingest enough protein every day, and B) load up on protein before AND after workouts. Aim for 1g of protein per pound of LEAN body weight per day. Get 25% of that number 1-2 hours before and after a workout.

If you weigh 160 pounds with 10% body fat, shoot for 144 grams of protein per day; 36g pre-workout, 36g post-workout.

4. … and eat protein as often as you can too.

Besides its muscle-building potential, protein also burns up to 30% of its calories thermogenically through digestion. If you eat 1,000 calories worth of protein (250g), 300 of those calories will burn off naturally — without doing anything. Protein also has a powerful impact on satiety. Focusing on protein is an essential aspect when building muscle, even if you’re a beginner you should take it into consideration which is why trying this cutting cycle for beginners may be for you. However, there are plenty of other protein sources you can try depending on your goal.


5. Opt for whole fruit over juice.

It has higher fiber content and more nutrients, plus you’ll stay fuller longer.

6. Brush your teeth.

No one likes bad breath or the bacteria that comes with it. If you have bad breath and bleeding gums no matter how much you brush and floss, then you might want to visit a Dentist in Newmarket, or a clinic near you, as this could be a sign of an underlying problem, which might affect your overall health.

7. Get your monounsaturated and polysaturated fats, nix the saturated and trans fats.

Put simply: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats clean your arteries and promote heart health, saturated and trans fats clog your arteries like crazy. Cut out all trans fats and as many saturated fats as possible (those from coconut are OK).

healthy fish

8. Take fish oil.

It’s good for your heart. We like these brands.

9. Eat fish too.

Fatty fish like salmon and mackeral provide omega-3’s (heart healthy fats) and a ton of protein.

10. Go watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Laughing destresses, releases endorphins (which promote happiness), relaxes the body, and can actually help make your heart stronger.

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Bryan DiSanto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
ELLO ELLO I'm Bryan DiSanto. I'm the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Lean It UP, a CPT/CSN/Fitness Coach, Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu – Paris, NYU graduate, ex-fat kid, and all-around fitness junkie.

I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

When I'm not working on my abs (or somebody else’s), whipping up avocado roses and avocado toast, or running a Tough Mudder, I'm probably yelling at a Carolina Panthers game somewhere.

Come be friends with me on Instagram (@BRYDISANTO) & Snapchat (BRYDISANTO).
Bryan DiSanto
  1. kNOw Dieting: Risks and Reasons to Stop []

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