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Automate & Accelerate Your Workouts With The GYMBOSS HIIT Timer [GIVEAWAY]

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*Disclosure: GYMBOSS sent out 1 interval timer for testing purposes and is graciously giving away 5 units to all Lean It UP readers. This article is otherwise unsponsored.

Think less, DO more.

If you’re addicted to heart-pounding, muscle-thrashing, fat-incinerating HIIT — aka High Intensity Interval Training — you know how unbelievably annoying and distracting counting down interval times, remembering interval placements, and guesstimating rest times can be. By nature, it weighs down training that’s supposed to be hyperfast.

HIIT junkies, you’re in luck — your workouts are about to get SO much easier. Well, probably harder; but simpler and far more efficient.

The GYMBOSS is a tiny, self-repeating, belt-clipped interval timer that allows you to automate your workouts in a way that’s completely fluid and hands-off. Using a combination of settings and alerts, it easily allows you to program alternating intervals that flow seamlessly from one to another. Whether you’re doing HIIT cardio, yoga, ping-ponging supersets, elite athletics, or simply trying to preserve a turbocharged level of intensity, the GYMBOSS is a phenomenal tool to accelerate your training and let you focus on what really matters — your WORKOUT.

Instead of burning mental capacity counting off seconds, the timer takes care of that aspect. The result: your attention is purely concentrated on banging out HQ, powerful movements in as efficient a way possible. Especially when form and skill come into play.

While it’s about as vanilla and un-sexy as any workout tech can get, it excels at exactly what it’s designed to do; without any hassle, glitches, endless set-up, or mind-numbing functionality.

And the best part — we’re giving five of YOU the opportunity to get one completely GRATIS.


How The GYMBOSS Works

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The GYMBOSS unit has a few dead-simple functions. At its core, it gives you the ability to program two different interval sprints — either for an individual set, work/rest split, or two different movements — and a total # of consecutive intervals. It lets you repeat up to 99 intervals in a row, lasting anywhere from a micro 2 seconds to a whopping 99 minutes in length.

Once you’re good to go, hit play and let it fly — the timer will continuously cycle between interval 1 and interval 2. It beeps (or vibrates) at the end of each interval, which allows your brain to automatically flip exercises on cue, and has a play/pause button if you ever need an unexpected break.

Here are a few ways that it can work in action and turbocharge your training:

  • Outdoor HIIT cardio — track sprints, hill sprints, and anything else outdoors.
  • Machine HIIT cardio — split out traditional work/rest intervals. Machine timers are often unreliable, and they still require manual timing and interval tracking.
  • Ab exercise circuits — whether that’s 45 seconds of bicycle crunches followed by a 60 second plank, or some other combined circuit of multiple exercises, it’ll automatically tell you when to switch from the 1st exercise to the 2nd.
  • Yoga — yoga poses are almost exclusively time-based, which becomes an issue when you don’t have a yogi guiding you. Use it to maintain clear focus and flow from exercise-to-exercise without zoning out permanently.
  • Super sets
  • Foam rolling and stretching
  • Traditional work/rest splits
  • Athletics and sports training — pretend that you’re a basketball stud and regularly indulge plyometrics, shuttles, sprints, and other mobility based drills. Think suicide sprints for 60 seconds followed by box jumps for 30 seconds; or 1 minute of lateral band shuttles mixed with 1 minute of burpees.
  • Training and coaching — this is one of the most invaluable tools for any personal trainer or coach. For a whopping $20, it’s stupidly powerful and enables an entire arsenal of high-velocity movements.


The GYMBOSS Giveaway

In coordination with GYMBOSS, we’re giving away 5 interval timers for Lean It UP readers. Using the box below, you’re eligible for a total of FIFTEEN entries by tweeting about the giveaway or following us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. We fully encourage you to share the giveaway and enter as many times as possible.

More actions = more entries and a greater shot at winning a little GYMBOSS sauce.

  • Prizes: 5 GYMBOSS Interval Timers. Winners can pick from any and all color options.
  • End date: The giveaway closes on April 30th, 2014. We’ll announce the winners during the following week.
  • Eligibility: Entries are open to anyone, excluding residents of Mexico, the Philippines, and Pakistan (apologies, GYMBOSS doesn’t ship to any of these countries). Prizes are limited to one (1) per person.


Get It: If you’re not one of the lucky five, they’re available from the GYMBOSS website — $19.95.

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