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Butternut Squash Bucatini With Walnut Pesto & Sage Brown Butter [Recipes]

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Rethink pasta night.

If you love pasta, but hate the empty calories, carbs, and—*gasp*—gluten, this recipe for Butternut Squash Bucatini (aka thick-cut butternut squash noodles) is about to change your life.

Feel free to love me forever and ever.

Butternut squash is a phenomenal base for any spiralized noodle dish. It’s versatile, dense, and low on water (like zucchini, which gets soggy and goopy because it’s >90% water), which helps it stay al dente when you cook it. Plus it’s gushing with lean nutrition, including fiber, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.

For the butternut bucatini you have two prep routes, depending on how lean you’re trying to keep it.

  • Uber-Lean: Pair it with the dairy-free walnut pesto, sauteed kale, and crushed walnuts. This version is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.
  • Decadent: If you want it a little more decadent and gourmand, incorporate the sage brown butter sauce and full-fat ricotta cheese also as a bonus.

Yeah, it’s almost beach season. But trust me, the stacked version is oh-so-worth-it.

PS: for this recipe you’ll need a spiralizer. I like and use the Paderno Spiralizer, which has a thick-cut “bucatini attachment.” They’re ~$40 on Amazon.


Recipe: Butternut Squash Bucatini With Walnut Pesto & Sage Brown Butter

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