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Inhalable Caffeine, Alcohol, and CHOCOLATE!? Oh My!

Wahh, inhalable alcohol

Over the past 3 years or so the energy drink industry has evolved in a BIG, big way. Companies are beginning to push the outer boundaries of energy delivery and stuff “energy” ingredients — caffeine, B vitamins, guarana, taurine, glucuronolactone, carnitine, to name a few — into innovative new form factors.

Beyond traditional energy drinks (Red Bull is so dinosaur-esque), gum, breath sheets, water flavoring (Mio) and energy shots (5 Hour Energy) are all examples of the evolution of energy.

What’s the next big thing on the horizon? Inhalable energy. 

That’s right — the same mechanism that’s used to treat asthma is being repurposed and reengineered for food delivery. That’s culinary creativity at its finest.

What’s more, the vaporization phenomenon is about to BLOW UP in places way beyond the energy drink industry. It’s aimed head-on at the food and alcohol industries — specifically in the form of vaporized vodka and chocolate. Hot damn.

aeroshots, aeroshot

aeroshots, aeroshot, aeroshot energy, inhalable energy

AeroShots – Pure Energy

Harvard professor David Edwards is the creator and lead developer of AeroShot — a first-of-its-kind inhalable caffeine delivery system. The little shotgun shell-esque canisters come in three flavors — original lime, and just released green apple and raspberry — and retail for $2.99 per unit.

Although specific nutritional information is unavailable, the official site claims that:

“Each AeroShot delivers a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine and B vitamins. One AeroShot contains about the same caffeine as one large cup of coffee”¹

Each canister packs 5 shots of caffeine & B vitamins, which when compared with the retail price of 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull, really isn’t very expensive. Because I’m *so influential* in the fitness/nutrition space, AeroShots sent me a few free samples a few months back.

My 2 second review:


  • They’re incredibly convenient
  • The caffeine hits fast and hard (whoop whoop for vaporization)
  • They’re inexpensive
  • No bloating, which is a problem with Red Bull and Monster
  • They’re cool and new
  • Taste. The lime flavor is absolutely brutal. I honestly almost vomited the first time I tried it. Hopefully green apple and/or raspberry are a major improvement, because they won’t gain any traction in the market tasting like powdered sulfur.
  • Uhhhh. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly suspicious when I whipped a mini, lime green cartridge out of my back pocket, and then proceeded to take a hit in the middle of a bar. It definitely looked like I was inhaling crack or something. This could be a problem…

Aeroshot chocolate, aeroshots chocolate

AeroShots Chocolate

AeroShot Chocolate recently debuted in three original flavors — Original Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Cherry Chocolate — for the pre-order price of $2.99 per canister. The vision — an instantly mouthgasmic, chocolately explode-in-your-mouth experience with ZERO CALORIES.

According to inventor David Edwards:

“Delivering chocolate particles through the air to the mouth, with sizes small enough to enter the mouth and too large to go beyond it, provides the taste sensation of pure chocolate. The chocolate melts immediately upon landing in your mouth. Since the particles are so small and uniformly dispersed by the air, the taste is immediate, too.

“There will always be special pleasure in a chocolate bar, or a spoonful of chocolate mousse, but when it comes to wishing for a quick taste of chocolate with no calories, AeroShot Chocolate is the perfect solution.”²

While it’s honestly hard to picture vaporized chocolate measuring up to the real thing, the small possibility that this could satisfy sweet toothes worldwide in a calorie devoid sort of way are undeniably intriguing.

Imagine a world with CALORIE-FREE vaporized bacon, bagels, popcorn, and pizza…the positive implications for obesity would be IMMENSE.

I’m excited. How about you?

wahh, wahh vodka, wahh inhalable vodka

Wahh Inhalable Alcohol

Also the creation of Harvard professor David Edwards (seriously, how cool is this guy?), Wahh is set to debut in the late summer for $26 per cartridge, which packs ~ 25 puffs of vaporized, vodka-flavored alcohol.

Wahh comes in two flavors — Demon and Flash —  that produce an instantaneous buzz and minor lightheadedness, which according to the official site “passes in seconds, transient and pleasurable, like a lucky emotion.”³ I can’t really decipher what that means, but it sounds really nice.

According to Fast Co.Design and the founders, the science behind Wahh works as follows:

“The science behind the vaporizer is pretty simple. Each puff of vapor contains only .075 milliliters of alcohol–the equivalent of about 1/1000th of a shot of liquor. Edwards explains that by vaporizing a single drop of alcohol, Wahh “increases its surface area by approximately 1,000 times.” In other words, the vapor tricks your brain into thinking that you’re inhaling a thousand droplets of alcohol, rather than one.”4

The idea and science behind Wahh is incredibly fascinating, but will it work? How will it impact drinking habits? Both of those things remain to be seen, but regardless, I’m incredibly intrigued by the concept and can’t wait to get my hands on a cartridge.


What’s your take on inhalable caffeine / chocolate / alcohol? Are you excited, horrified, skeptical? Sound off in the comments.

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