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What’s Hot: Neuro Drinks

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Whenever I think about sports performance drinks, Vitamin Water is always one of the first brands to pop into my head. I love the stuff, especially the zero-cal version. Interestingly though, just a few years ago Vitamin Water was a relatively unknown brand that was giving out free samples merely to gain visibility and acceptance. Look how much it’s exploded since then…it’s already entered the top-5 selling sports performance drinks worldwide.

Lets be serious, you know you’re uber popular when you’re using The Situation in your commercials (if you haven’t seen it yet click to watch the commercial here).

Looking back at Vitaminwater’s ascension to the top of the sports drink world, its one of those things that you look at and tell yourself: “man, why didn’t I jump on board sooner.” With Vitaminwater’s explosion in mind, I think I’ve found the next HUGE drink on the market.

Neuro Drinks.

If you’ve never had a Neuro Drink, or don’t know what Neuro is, keep listening. This stuff is going to blow up, and it’s going to blow up in a big, big way.


What are Neuro Drinks?

Neuro Drink is a new line of low-calorie, lightly carbonated, “functional drinks” that produce a wide range of effects, ranging from heightened mental functioning to enhanced sexual performance. I LOVEEEEEE me some Neuro. Not only are there only 35 calories per bottle, but the stuff tastes incredible with only a minimal amount of added sugar. Another thing to note, although the bottles look like they contain brightly colored unicorn piss, the liquid inside is completely uncolored. No artificial colors is a huge win in my book.

More importantly, Neuro is effective for each of its intended functions. I can’t think of another product that so perfectly blends low calories, amazing and unique taste, and such powerful functional performance…it’s pretty magical.

Neuro’s cool, different and unique from other drinks available, and the bottle’s straight up awesome. The fact that they’re using JT, Amanda Beard, and Lady Gaga to embody the essence of the brand is just too cool, literally.

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Neuro comes in 9 flavors, each of which has its own unique blend of scientifically-backed ingredients to produce a very different functional benefit. The flavors include: NeuroBliss, NeuroPassion, NeuroSonic, NeuroAqua, NeuroSport, NeuroSleep, NeuroTrim, NeuroSun, and NeuroSupreme (yet to launch).



Bliss does what it’s name says…it promotes happiness, relaxation, and stress reduction. It contains hydroxytryptophan (tryptophan’s in turkey, which is why eating it at Thanksgiving always makes you drowsy) and L-theanine, amino acids that promote relaxation and a calm feeling. I’ve used Bliss before big presentations to chill out and relax, it’s definitely helped me present in a more calm, more controlled way.


 neuropassion, neuro, neuro drink, neuro drinks what is neuro drinkNeuroPassion

NeuroPassion (previously NeuroGasm) promotes better sexual health, but it also supports better circulation and blood flow. In effect, Passion is basically a less intense pre-workout drink. It has l-arginine, l-citrulline, and l-norvaline which all enhance blood flow, as well as caffeine and l-carnitine to boost energy levels. Carnitine also increases lipolysis, which helps your body burn more calories from fat. Passion’s a great option before a killer workout to increase strength and endurance. Oh yeah, it’s good before sex too…can someone say liquid viagra? Stuff works well.


 neurosonic, neuro, neuro drink, neuro drinks what is neuro drinkNeuroSonic

Sonic is probably my favorite Neuro–it’s so functional and works incredibly well. It’s intended to boost memory, concentration, cognitive performance, and attention. Sonic contains taurine, caffeine, carnitine, and theanine for enhanced mental function, as well as resveratrol for heart health (it’s one of the antioxidants in wine). It’s basically a less intense energy drink, but with the same effects and no crash. I’ve used Sonic a lot to study for tests, to enhance focus during a workout, or just as a pick-me-up…it’s powerful and puts you IN THE ZONE. It really makes you feel incredible.


 neurosleep, neuro, neuro drink, neuro drinks what is neuro drinkNeuroSleep

Sleep promotes better sleep quality. In my experience, Sleep knocks you the hell out and you stay out. Sleep contains magnesium, hydroxytryptophan, theanine, and melatonin–four powerful ingredients that increase relaxation, sleep quality, and normalize sleep cycles. If you’re having problem sleeping, NeuroSleep is definitely worth a shot.


neurotrim, neuro, neuro drink, what is neuro drink, neuro drinksNeuroTrim

Trim is designed as a solution for healthy weight loss. It significantly curbs appetite, revs up metabolism, blocks the absorption of sugar into fat cells, and increases the usage of body fat for energy. Drinking Trim before meals is a great way to reduce the amount of calories you eat.

Trim noticeably reduces hunger levels.


neuroaqua, neuro drinks, neuro drink, what is neuro drink, neurodrinksNeuroAqua

I’ve never had Aqua, so I can’t comment on its flavor, but for the most part it seems like purified water.



neurosport, neuro drinks, neuro drink, what is neuro drink, neurodrinksNeuroSport

Sport is Neuro’s version of Gatorade. Sport has the ideal level of sugar for an intra-workout drink, plus it contains the electrolytes calcium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and potassium to support healthy fluid balance/hydration. Interestingly, Sport also has calcium which can help increase the strength of muscle contractions. Sport’s great for anyone who participates in athletics and wants that extra burst of energy, an extra bit of strength, and the hydration to keep you going longer.


neurosun, neuro drinks, neuro drink, what is neuro drink, neurodrinksNeuroSun

NeuroSun focuses on Vitamin D, which is critical for bone and immune health. Each bottle of NeuroSun packs 1,000 IU of vitamin D3–cholecalciferol. Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin from a substance know as “7-dehydrocholesterol” when it’s exposed to UV light. This is clutch for a) winter time, when exposure to sun is limited or b) if you live in Alaska, when there’s never any sun. It’s also good if you live in bat caves, mausoleums, or by your computer all day.

In terms of flavor, NeuroSun tastes sort of like an artificial pina colada. In my experience, Sun tastes much faker than any of the other flavors and isn’t my favorite.


neurosupreme, neuro drinks, neuro drink, what is neuro drink, neurodrinksNeuroSupreme

The best kept secret…”




Whether you’re trying to get pumped up for an epic workout, pulling an all-nighter, or just want a delcious, low-cal drink, Neuro is the way to go. Go pick up a Neuro and join the phenomenon that’s about to hit the nation, if not the world…hard.You can get more info about Neuro at their site: Amazon also sells Neuro cheap here.

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