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A New ‘Old Game’ To Liven Up Any Activity — Using Bingo To Increase Activity & Make Fitness Fun

A New ‘Old Game’ To Liven Up Any Activity — Using Bingo To Increase Activity & Make Fitness Fun

*This is a contributed, guest article by Andrea Price.

The classic social game of bingo has always been a simple way to pass the time. However, because of its simplistic appeal and highly-customizable nature, it has not only become popular on casino phone sites, but it has also become a game that can easily be integrated into fitness routines to challenge people to start a healthy lifestyle.

And because it’s a game at its core, it’s an easy way to make exercise a lot more fun and engaging.


For School Campuses.

In a simple way, many schools have used the simple mechanics of classic bingo — using an amped-up version of the numbers game — to challenge students and others in the community to take part in various fitness activities.

One such game is used by Mount St. Mary University. To increase activity, not only do they encourage students to complete exercises in order to win the game, but they also positively persuade the students, teachers, and others to take part in a campus walk that secondarily promotes familiarity with the community they are currently living.


For The Office.

Have you heard of Fitness Bingo? It’s a gaming software targeted towards business organizations, which encourages employees to incorporate an active lifestyle despite being busy at work.

“You may be thinking that Fitness Bingo sounds like a silly idea. But, the proof is that it works well at getting people excited about fitness and changing their behavior,” the service’s official site explains.

Following how Bingo Blitz became popular through social networking site Facebook and how Betfair Bingo thrived because of having their own specific gaming community, Fitness Bingo can create both an interactive and competitive atmosphere among office colleagues. The software not only encourages people to be fit, but also to have fun doing it with others.


For Everything Else.

And if schools and offices are not enough, the gym you visit regularly may even be promote their usual activities in a much more exciting way — the bingo way. Take North Pointe Wellness Centre for example. Members get to freely join a regularly held fitness bingo event where they are encouraged to participate in various activities available at the center. Once they complete activities and accomplish winning patterns, they can win various membership perks and prizes.

All this said, it doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a member of the work force, or an avid gym-goer — bingo provides a great way to have fun AND stay healthy.

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