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[Report] Banana, Pear Greek Yogurt Headline Chobani’s New Products In 2013

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If you’re a fan of the Greek yogurt juggernaut Chobani, get excited…really excited. Chobani recently announced a number of fresh new product & flavor innovations slated for 2013, headlined by the release of 2% banana and 0% pear varieties of their tradition Greek yogurt and new snack-sized Chobani Bite.

The full portfolio of products announced includes:

  • New Traditional Greek Yogurt Flavors: 2% Banana and 0% Pear, two flavors that were in major demand among Greek yogurt enthusiasts.
  • Chobani Bite: Smaller, snack-sized Greek yogurt (3.4 oz) available in a number of bold flavors, including:
    • Caramel with Pineapple Chunks
    • Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips
    • Fig with Orange Zest
    • Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips.
  • Chobani Flip: Flip-cup based Greek yogurt pre-packaged with a precise combination of nuts, granola, and chocolate. Flavors include:
    • Key Lime Crumble
    • Honey Banana
    • Strawberry Surprise
    • Almond Coconut
    • Raspberry Choco Fix
    • Vanilla Golden Crumble
  • Chobani Champions Tubes: Pushable Greek yogurt tubes for easy grab-and-go snacking. Flavors include:
    • Rockin’ Blueberry
    • Chillin’ Cherry
    • Jammin’ Strawberry
    • Swirlin’ Strawberry Banana


Which new Chobani product or flavor are you most psyched for?

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