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The Handy-Dandy, Exhaustive Guide To Vitamins & Minerals; Complete From Vitamin A to Zinc [Part 2]


Copper, Selenium, Fluoride, Manganese, Chloride, Chromium, & Iodine

Copper, Selenium, Fluoride, Manganese, Chloride, Chromium, & Iodine

Copper — helps form a number of enzymes, maintain blood vessels, and works with iron to create new red blood cells; 900 mcg/day.1

Selenium — acts as an antioxidant and protects the body against free radical damage. Selenium also helps with thyroid function and immunity; 55 mcg/day.23

Fluoride — small amounts help reduce tooth decay & cavities; 3 mg/day for women, 4 mg/day for men.4

Manganese — used in the body to form connective tissue, bones, and sex hormones. Manganese also helps support carb/fat metabolism and plays a role in calcium absorption. 2.3 mg/day for men, 1.8 mg/day for women.5

Chloride — comes paired with sodium in table salt/sea salt. Chloride helps with fluid balance and cell function; 2.3 g/day.6

Chromium — helps with blood sugar regulation and insulin function; 35 mcg/day for men, 25 mcg/day for women.7

Iodine — critical for thyroid function and the production of various thyroid hormones, including thyroxine, which is necessary for healthy metabolism; 150 mcg/day.8


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Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
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