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The 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Building Massive, Toned Triceps

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Triceps Exercise 5 — Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions

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Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions isolate and emphasize the medial head, which adds length to the triceps and helps builds size around the elbow joint. I also find that it’s easy to pump out an insane squeeze at the point of contraction.



Set up a cable station with a handle attachment so that the handle is as high as possible on the rack.

Tuck your arm and elbow tightly into your torso and keep it there throughout the entire movement. Your upper arm does not move at all — it’s purely a movement at the elbow joint.

Grab the handle with an underhand grip, bend at the elbow, and squeeze the life out of your triceps at the bottom. Hold the contraction for 1 second and slowly raise the cable back up to start.

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Bryan DiSanto
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