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UberExercise — The Goblet Squat And Press

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Meet the king. One of the top—if not THE best—all-around, full-body exercises is likely one that you’ve never done, seen, or even heard of. But it’s a variation of an exercise that you probably have.

The Goblet Squat and Press is the upgraded, hyperintense version of the Goblet Squat. We LOVE goblet squats. They’re stuffed into the majority of our WOTMs and lower body workout plans as a strong alternative to squats and front squats.

And for good reason. Unlike traditional barbell squats, which predominantly hit the quads and butt, goblet squats allow for more freedom of motion. That translates to a more comfortable movement, especially for beginners.

They also incorporate the core and upper body to a significantly higher degree. Because you’re physically holding a dumbbell in front of your body—and forced to keep it at neck height throughout—your abs become a key part of the movement. They’re the anchor that keeps your posture upright and actively prevents the body from tipping over.

Meanwhile, your biceps and shoulders ease into a slow, hellacious burn that’ll make your muscle fibers sizzle.

Now, take all of that and push it further. The Goblet Squat and Press takes the base movement and adds a shoulder press at the top of every rep. Not only are you pushing through the slow burn, but you’re pushing directly into it for maximal results.

Not only that, but it actively destroys the shoulders and triceps, and puts additional stress on the core.

It’s like a handful of rainbow sprinkles to finish off a delicious ice cream sundae. Here’s how to bust out the goblet squat and press for maximal effectiveness.


How To — The Goblet Squat and Press

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Protocol: 4 sets, 10-20 reps

  • (1) Stand at the end of a bench with a dumbbell standing upright. Squat down and grab the top of the dumbbell with both hands — keep it in line with your collarbone throughout.
  • (2) Contract your glutes, explode up to a full stand, and powerfully thrust the dumbbell up overhead. Hold it for 1 second at the top.
  • (3) Slowly lower the dumbbell back down to your collarbone (keep it there), squat down below parallel, hold for 1 second, and press back up. On the way down, keep your core tight and back flat — don’t arch.

Continue to repeat the movement in one fluid motion, with brief pauses at the top and bottom.

Bryan DiSanto
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