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[UPWOD Nº2] Legendary Leg Day — Legs, Butt, & HIIT Workout

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*UPWODs are Lean It UP’s Workout of the Day. For more info on UPWODs, how to do them effectively, and what they’re all about, read the introductory guide before starting.

**You can find all of our previous UPWODs here.

Welcome to UPWOD Nº2. It’s lower body hell.

UPWOD Nº2 is your very first mandatory leg day. No exceptions. It’s a highly intense leg and butt workout that hammers the entirety of the lower body—including the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves—across a variety of movement patterns and contraction types, until the muscle fibers are so drained that you’re barely able to stand.

And then once you’re done, you’ll dig in further with a little HIIT cherry on top.


Prepare yourself. It’s a HELLBEAST. UPWOD Nº2 is a relentless, fast-paced, hard-hitting GAUNTLET that attacks the legs furiously with weight, leverage, speed, and explosiveness, in ways that you didn’t know your legs could move. As soon as you think you’re in the clear, it ramps up the intensity and digs into your fatigued legs.

But power through it and you’ll effectively torch calories and body fat, and stimulate growth throughout your butt and legs.

Jell-o legs await on the other side.


UPWOD Nº2 — Legs, Butt, HIIT Workout

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**Bonus info for each exercise:

  • 1. [SUPERSET] Barbell Squats + Barbell Calf Raises — do 12 barbell squats and then immediately do 12 calf raises with the same weight. SQUEEZE your calves at the top of each movement.
  • 2. Barbell Reverse Lunges — balance is absolutely key for these. Step back so there’s a nice stretch across your hamstrings and butt. Do 12 reps and then switch to the opposite leg.
  • 3. Barbell Hip Thrusts — do these with your mid-back on a bench or box. Use a pad to protect your pelvis. You can also use a kettlebell or dumbbell instead of a barbell. SQUEEZE and hold at the top for 1 second.
  • 4. 4-Way Box Lunges — grab a box or bench (about 18″). These work in 4 parts — do 15 lunges onto the box in front of you with each leg (30 reps); stand to the right of the box and do 15 SIDE lunges with your left leg; stand to the left of the box and do 15 SIDE lunges with your right leg. That’s 60 total reps as quickly as possible. Hold dumbbells or kettlebells if possible.
  • 5. 1-Leg Kettlebell Romanian Deadlifts — maintain a slight bend in your leg so that there’s tension down your hamstrings. Maintain your balance throughout and lower the kettlebell down to the floor. Press back up through your butt.
  • 6. [SUPERSET] Box Jumps + Wall Sits — choose a box height that you’re able to handle (higher = harder). Immediately prop your back up against a wall and sit down at a 90º angle. Hold a weight on top of your quads to up the difficulty.
  • 7. [BURNOUT] Leg Press — choose a weight that’s moderately heavy and do as many reps as possible until failure (aim for 12-20 reps). This is your last exercise…PUSH INTO THE BURN.
  • 8. Stairmaster Blaster HIIT — the Stairmaster Blaster HIIT workout is available and downloadable here. If you don’t have a stair mill, do the incline treadmill HIIT workout from UPWOD Nº1 (10% incline, 3 MPH/8-10 MPH for 45 second intervals).

Bryan DiSanto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
ELLO ELLO I'm Bryan DiSanto. I'm the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Lean It UP, a CPT/CSN/Fitness Coach, Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu – Paris, NYU graduate, ex-fat kid, and all-around fitness junkie.

I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

When I'm not working on my abs (or somebody else’s), whipping up avocado roses and avocado toast, or running a Tough Mudder, I'm probably yelling at a Carolina Panthers game somewhere.

Come be friends with me on Instagram (@BRYDISANTO) & Snapchat (BRYDISANTO).
Bryan DiSanto
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