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[Workout Plans] The Plunging, Deep V, Lower Abs Workout

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3. Swiss Ball Jackknives

Swiss Ball Jackknives

Protocol: 2 sets, 15 reps center/10 left/10 right

Primary Muscles: Lower Abs, Obliques, Upper Body

Assume push up position with your shoelaces on the top of a stability ball (1).

Squeeze your lower abs, keep your upper body steady, and roll the ball in until your quads are perpendicular with your butt (2). Keep a flat lower back throughout, resisting the urge to arch when pulling in.

Roll the ball back out (1) and repeat for 15 reps. Next, repeat the same motion for 10 reps, but roll the ball in diagonally towards your left elbow. Do it once again for 10 more reps towards your right elbow.

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Bryan DiSanto

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