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[WOTM, 04/2014] Sculpt The Ultimate Beach Body With The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle

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Well hello there, April. We’re officially 8 weeks out from June 1, aka the universal beach body reveal date. Cue mass hysteria.

Don’t freak. THERE’S TIME TO DO THIS. Using a careful combo of training mechanisms, April’s WOTM — The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle — is designed to put your body on an accelerated fast track that’ll reconstruct your physique and recalibrate it into a compressed, fat-free, ab-laced masterpiece.

It has 3 main objectives, listed in order of emphasis:

  • (1) Melt Body Fat — everything else is largely irrelevant if your body is plastered with a thick layer of blubber. Hyper-intense compound movements, ping-ponging supersets, and HIIT cardio all work synergistically to strip off body fat.
  • (2) Construct Muscle Definition — fat-loss is priority #1, but don’t underestimate your ability to pack on lean muscle mass, carve out definition, and build swerving cuts. Exercises are strategically chosen to spike muscle-building hormones, stimulate growth, develop muscle groups that maximize aesthetics, smash the core, and tick off calories at a high rate.
  • (3) ABS ABS ABS — while a six-pack is largely the by-product of priorities 1 & 2, stellar abs do require surgical training. Think of it like a scalpel dissecting little details. We’ve included powerful, ab-centric movements that’ll dominate your core and carve out a svelte, defined stomach.

Prepare yourself. April’s workout schedule is an intensive, uber-hardcore, 2-month shuttle (or longer, depending on when you pick this up) that’ll push your body to its physical threshold. Given its high-velocity, power-packed trifecta of turbocharged resistance training, slice-and-dice ab work, and fat-sizzling HIIT cardio, your training capacity will be inflated to new levels, your mental fortitude will be grilled to the breaking point, and your muscles will be demolished into an abyss of soreness and perpetual growth.

But challenge yourself and stick it out, and you’ll pop out on the other side of spring with a completely upgraded, powerfully re-manufactured physique. YOU have to control the intensity, though. The harder you work, the harder your body will look come June.

That way, when it’s time to rip your shirt off Superman style, you’ll have a fully-formed “S” below your chest. Six-pack abs, that is.

Get ready to storm the beaches in abtacular style. Let’s go. HOORAH.



The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle

beach body workout, summer workout, beach workout, workout for summer, beach abs workout, summer abs workout, summertime workout, summer workout plan, summer workout routine, beach body workout plan, beach body workout routine, workout plans, beach body workouts, beach body workout women, beach body workouts for women

Image: Fire Fighter Fitness

The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle is split into 3 different workout routines, each with an emphasis on different muscle groups and performance goals.

Follow 1 of 2 different tracks, depending on your individual schedule, availability, intensity, and starting point. Regardless of which route you follow, workout SEQUENCE matters — if you need a random or unexpected rest day, or want to shift OFF days around (i.e. Wednesday instead of the weekend), just pick up where you last left off. DO NOT skip leg day.

(1) Hardcore/Maximal Results — 6 days per week. A → B → C → A → B → C → OFF.

(2) Traditional Shuttle — 5 days per week. A → B → C → A → B → OFF → OFF

Rest periods also matter. This is a HIGH-velocity, fast-paced plan — rest for 45 seconds – 1 minute in between sets. Using an interval timer like Gymboss is an awesome tool to stay on track, plus it’s perfect for requisite HIIT cardio.

And before jumping in, remember this. It doesn’t matter how hard you bust your ass over the next 2 months. If your diet spontaneously combusts and is a complete mess, you will not come out with a stellar beach body. I can’t emphasize that enough — HQ nutrition amplifies training; whereas poor eating can completely wipe it out. Use these high-powered tactics to make sure that your eating stays on point.

*Click on each exercise name for a full pop-out video demo. A printable recap is available here.



Workout A — Chest + Shoulders + Triceps + HIIT

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Image: IAmBishop

1. WARM UP — Burpees

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How To:

Protocol: 1 set — 15 reps

Target Muscle(s): Legs, Chest

  • Start in a standing position, squat down, and kick your legs out into full push-up position.
  • Do 1 push-up, hop forward into a low squat position, and explosively jump upwards into the air. Return to the ground, squat down, and repeat the rest of the movement for 10 total reps — each burpee should be one fluid motion.



2. Barbell Clean & Press

Barbell Clean & Press

How To:

Protocol: 3 sets — 10 reps

Target Muscle(s): Shoulders, Triceps, Core

  • Stand tall with a loaded barbell on your thighs (1). Tighten your core, dip down slightly, and powerfully pull the barbell up on top of your collarbone (2). Dip your legs slightly and explosively press the barbell overhead (3).
  • Hold for 1s, slowly lower the bar back to your collarbone (2), then down to your thighs (1), and repeat for a set of 10. Complete each clean & press in on fluid motion.



3. SUPERSET  Dumbbell Chest Press + Dumbbell Flies

Dumbbell Chest Press & Dumbbell Flies

How To:

Protocol: 3 sets — 12 reps (dumbbell chest press); 12 reps (dumbbell flies)

Target Muscle(s): Chest, Triceps

  • Complete 12 reps of the flat dumbbell chest press immediately followed by 12 dumbbell flies back-to-back in superset fashion. Drop down to lighter dumbbells for each set of flies.
  • For both exercises, lower your arms until they’re slightly below chest height to get maximal range of motion.



4. Incline Dumbbell Press

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 12 reps

Target Muscle(s): Chest, Triceps

  • Set the bench at a 45° angle. Lower the weights down along the top half of your chest; they should reach about chin height. Powerfully press up and squeeze the top half of your chest for 1s before lowering.



5. SUPERSET — Dumbbell Snatch + Dumbbell Push Press

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How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 10 reps/arm (snatch); 10 reps (push press)

Target Muscle(s): Shoulders, Triceps, Core

Complete 10 reps/arm of the dumbbell snatch immediately followed by 12 dumbbell push presses.

  • Dumbbell Snatch — start in a low, wide squat position with a dumbbell in between your feet. With your chest puffed out, abs tight, and lower back pinched, powerfully contract your glutes and pull the dumbbell overhead with your shoulder. Under control, lower the weight back to the ground, stick out your butt, and immediately complete the next rep. Complete 10 with the right arm and repeat for the left.
  • Push Press — grab 2 dumbbells and hold the weights with a neutral grip (palms facing in). Dip your knees slightly, explode upwards, and press the dumbbells up overhead. Keep your core tight and don’t bend backwards.



6. Dumbbell Pullovers

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How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 12 reps

Target Muscle(s): Chest, Lats, Triceps

  • Lie flat on a bench with a dumbbell raised straight up over your chest (1) — hold it so that your palms are pressing up on the top disc.
  • Keep your core tight and lower the dumbbell behind your head, slightly below the height of the bench (2).
  • With your arms straight, contract your lats and pull the the weight up back to start (1). Repeat. You can also do pullovers on a stability ball, or perpendicular do a bench with your hips raised (it’s more difficult and engages the core more).



7. SUPERSET — Upright RowsFront Plate Raises

Screenshot 2014-04-02 21.32.02
How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 12 reps (upright rows); 12 reps (plate raises)

Target Muscle(s): Shoulders (Front Deltoids)

Complete 12 upright rows immediately followed by 12 front plate raises. 

  • Upright Rows — hold the bar slightly narrower than shoulder width and pull it up to your chin. Keep your core tight and shoulders back throughout.
  • Front Plate Raises — make sure to keep your core tight and body steady. Raise the plate up to eye height and hold it for 1 second. Resist the pull to fall forward.



8. Overhead Triceps Extensions

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 12 reps

Target Muscle(s): Triceps, Core

  • Grab a dumbbell so that your palms face up and are pressed against the inside of the top disc. Rest the dumbbell on your chest while positioning your hands.
  • Tighten your abs, maintain a straight back, and extend the dumbbell directly overhead — this is starting position.
  • Keep your upper arms stationary, bend your elbows, and slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head until it’s slightly below parallel.
  • Contract your triceps, press the dumbbell overhead, and squeeze the contraction for 1 second at the top. Repeat.



9. HIIT Cardio

Protocol: 10 minutes of HIIT cardio

  • 1. Walk 1 minute as a warm-up (~3 MPH)
  • 2. High Intensity Interval 1: 45 second all-out sprint. Sprint speed is going to vary on a person-by-person basis — choose a level that’s intense and makes you run HARD, but at the same time make sure it feels safe. Start conservative and gradually work your way up over time.
  • 3. Low Intensity Interval 1: 60 second walking rest interval (3 MPH)
  • 4 High Intensity Interval 2: 45 second all-out sprint
  • 5. Low Intensity Interval 2: 60 second walking rest interval (3 MPH)
  • 6. Repeat 3 additional intervals
  • 7. 2 minute walking cool-down (~2.5 MPH)
  • 8. Finish

Click the links below for Workouts B & C.

Page: Workout B | Workout C | Printable Recap


Bryan DiSanto

Bryan DiSanto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
ELLO ELLO I'm Bryan DiSanto. I'm the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Lean It UP, a CPT/CSN/Fitness Coach, Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu – Paris, NYU graduate, ex-fat kid, and all-around fitness junkie.

I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

When I'm not working on my abs (or somebody else’s), whipping up avocado roses and avocado toast, or running a Tough Mudder, I'm probably yelling at a Carolina Panthers game somewhere.

Come be friends with me on Instagram (@BRYDISANTO) & Snapchat (BRYDISANTO).
Bryan DiSanto

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  • Jonathan

    Hi Bryan!
    I was wondering..
    I’m already pretty muscular and not looking to put on tons of muscle.. would this workout still be good for dropping body fat?? .. or do you have a better recommendation for dropping fat%?
    Thanks for any of your help!

    • Totally, this plan is actually geared to slash body fat as the top priority. If you follow it as-is, you’ll lean up pretty significantly.

      Just make sure that you’re eating clean, getting enough protein, and not over-eating — that’ll bring everything together. Supplementing with BCAA’s is also a really effective way to preserve your muscle tissue and boost recovery (and reduce soreness).

  • Suzy

    Would it be ok to supplement this plan with another workout regime I’m currently doing? I recently started doing crossfit, and do it 3-5 times a week. If I were to go from a crossfit class to the gym and do these workouts, would I be over exerting myself? I really like this plan since the workouts seem pretty straight forward and easy to follow, but I also enjoy doing crossfit so I’m trying to find a happy medium. Thanks!

    • Hey Suzy. I have no issue with that whatsoever — feel free to deconstruct our plan, pick and choose slices, and squeeze it in however it fits with your crossfit.

      For max results I’d recommend 6 days/week, so you shouldn’t be overdoing it. Obviously monitor your body and make sure that you’re eating and drinking enough to support training that’s THIS intense. A supplement like BCAA’s can help, too, with amped up training volume.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE your drive and motivation!


      • Suzy

        Awesome! I think I should manage with an hour of crossfit (which is mostly just body weight and metabolic conditioning w/some occasional weight training), and an hour of this plan at the gym right after my class. But I have heard it is not as effective to do cardio first and weight training afterwards, which is my only concern (not so much the intensity of both workouts in one day, but the overall effectiveness). I’m currently taking Scivation Extend for my BCAA supplement. Thank you!!

        • Weight training and THEN cardio is definitely more effective and efficient — you’ll optimize your energy usage for fat burn and use energy preferentially for lifting (where it’s much more useful and important).

          If you are doing cardio > weights, just make sure you eat SOMETHING carb-rich and quick-digesting — and definitely BCAAs — in between.

  • Nicole

    Is 10 minutes of HIIT cardio enough? I was doing Body Pump and other light weight classes 3x a week with additional cardio (about 45 min 4x a week). I found this and have liked it so far as a way to up the weight. Will increasing either the HIIT cardio or adding moderate cardio increase results in your opinion?

    • Nicole

      also – i saw your WOTM for 2013 included 20 min of HIIT cardio – why the decrease? thanks!!

    • Totally, I’m all for doing longer HIIT. It’s just an incredibly intense plan to begin with (for the average person), so I didn’t want it to be TOO intimidating. You can also add low/moderate intensity cardio after HIIT if you want. (Weights > HIIT > Steady State Cardio). I would just supplement with BCAA’s at that point because you’re starting to dip into catabolism territory.

      Customize it for your own goals, fitness level, needs, etc.

      IMO this plan is more difficult than last year’s, which is why it’s less.

      • Stephanie

        Hi! I’ll be doing workout C tomorrow and saw the distance cardio says low to medium intensity. I did my HIIT the first day mostly around 8mph on sprints. What would you suggest for the distance cardio? I’m 33 years old, female and intermediate level. Also, I’m glad to see I can add a little cardio. I have a party in four weeks that I’m really trying to knock the socks off my friends plus my husband’s birthday is coming up so it would be nice to have some serious results by then. 😉 I started lifting about 7 months ago (I found this site shortly after and love it and recommend it all the time!) and although I haven’t lost any weight I’ve definitely slimmed down. I am lowering my calories with this program bc I still have fat I want gone. I have high hopes for these next 8 weeks! Then it’s in to another wotm!

  • Michelle

    Do you recommend doing the abs workout C all in one day? Is this better or similar to the other ab workout you posted for six pack abs?

    • Yep! It’s designed to be done in one INTENSE routine. It’s not easy, so do your best and work your way up. And if you need to cut back and start smaller, definitely slash the reps/time for any given set. Just be honest with what you’re able to do and push your body.

      Which workout are you referring to, specifically?

      • Michelle

        I was also looking at the beach it up and workout. I have been doing the LAT/UAT along with full sit-up & mason twists 4 days/week for about 3 weeks, I am now trying this Beach Body workout plan and want to really get these abs looking good soon!

        • AHHHHH got it! Honestly, they’re both a little bit different, but both equally intense — you’ll develop a well-rounded core with either plan.

          You might even want to alternate Workout C, the Beach It UP WOTM, and your UAT + LAT + sit-ups & mason twist routine to keep things fresh and stimulating. I have no problem with that whatsoever.

          Keep doing what you’re doing, keep kicking ass, and let me know how your abs fill in.

  • sallad

    I have been scouring the web looking for the perfect home strength workout to tighten up. Started this today. Thank you!!

    • Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.

      • sallad

        Hey Bryan… what weight would you recommend?

        • Weight for…?

          • sallad

            LB’s for workouts a & b 🙂

            • That’s impossible to say, it’s completely personal and varies based on exercise. You need to assess what YOU are capable of, based on your own level of fitness, strength, etc.

              I always recommend a little “trial period” where you start out uber-light and gauge what you’re able to handle. Figure out what that baseline is and then gradually increase the weight over time — your goal is always to lift more (or for more reps) than you did previously.

              It’s trial and error, but you’ll figure it out.

              For instance, for the incline dumbbell press — maybe start with 10 pound dumbbells. If you’re able to bang out 12 reps without even thinking about it, clearly the weight’s too light. Increase it to 20 and do a second set. Eventually you’ll figure out what that foundation is.

  • Shaelynn

    So my boyfriend and I started back at the gym a couple of months ago. He would go off and do his own thing and I would go off and do my own thing. Well the other day I decided to ask if I could join him and workout with him. I liked it but it didn’t focus on the areas I was looking for. We talked and he searched around and found this workout plan. I asked him if we can do it together to make sure my I was doing it right. Well he loves this workout more than the plan he was doing. Glad he found this. It’s intense and I didn’t think I would make it halfway thru it but it’s amazing.

    • Hahaha, I love that story. Really glad you’re both digging the plan. It’s VERY intense and difficult, but try it out — you’d surprise yourself. Start light and make sure to tone it down to your own fitness level (and get him to push you).


      • Shaelynn

        Today we’re on workout C, so far so good! A ton of squats on workout B but doing this together we keep each other motivated! Believe me he pushes me and know we will see great results down the road.

        Thanks 🙂

  • Jasper

    Hey, really enjoying this workout. 3 weeks in and I am noticing massive improvements. One question though… I am really enjoying the HIIT Cardio, but my knees and feet have racked up a few injuries over the years, any possible substitutes for this?


    • Hey Jasper — Definitely. Try HIIT on a bike (stationary or spinning) or elliptical.

      The cadence is the same, but instead of sprinting, you’ll just pedal as fast as possible or up the resistance used. If you’re on a bike, your up intervals can also be done standing up; rest intervals sitting down.

      Get creative, but intensity is a product of speed (RPMs) & resistance.

  • Bob

    Hey Bryan,

    On average, how long would you say workout plans A, B, and C should take?

    • They’re designed to run about an hour a pop.

      • Frankie J

        I just started this routine yesterday but A took 34 minutes and B took 37…What am I doing wrong?

  • Sue

    Hi Bryan,
    This workout looks amazing! I am starting the plan today! Thank you for lean it up. I love the recipe list too!I am a 28 year old woman, have lost about 30 pounds in the past two years and still have a long way to go. I am 5.7′ and weigh 176 pounds now. I started at 205 lbs in 2012. My problem is the stomach. It is more subcutaneous fat than the visceral fat. I got it checked! My visceral fat is in normal range. And this loose hanging belly makes me feel I have lost no fat at all! Ugh. I do HIIT most days combined with strength training (4-6 times a week). But I am not gonna lie. I don’t really do much of free weights. I have never had junk food in my life, as I was always big so listening to all the free advice coming my way (don’t eat chocolates, don’t eat ice creams, fried food) made me hate it from childhood. However, I have a weakness for rice (switched to brown rice for past two years) and eat it sparingly (twice a week) may be. Not a big meat eater either. I do drink a beer or two once a week! 😛
    I don’t understand why my weight loss process is so slow (I read people getting in such amazing shape in 6 months etc,.) and I also have problems doing a proper push up after trying it for so long! lol (I have leaner legs and arms compared to my torso)
    Any suggestions, advice would be great! Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Sue!

      First off, 30 pounds is a A LOT of weight, especially when it’s coming off in a healthy way. Be proud of that. It sounds like you’re really committed, and that’s a huge step.

      3 things: what TYPE of strength training are you doing? This’ll dramatically (I mean, make or break) impact the results you’ll see. If you’re stuck pounding away on machines, they won’t be giving you anywhere near the benefits — both metabolically and growth-wise — you COULD be getting with a free weight routine.

      Notice that everything I publish avoids machines pretty much altogether. They’re borderline a waste of time, honestly — it’s like using a bike with training wheels. It takes all of the skill, focus, and challenge out of resistance training. Your muscles and body notice that, and don’t work anywhere near as hard as they could be.

      Second, don’t forget to focus on what you SHOULD be eating, not just avoiding. You need to be eating A LOT of protein, veggies, and water on a consistent basis; and a solid dose of healthy fats and complex carbs. Protein powder + smoothies might be a great option for you ( Brown rice is an awesome carb option, just try to limit portions (1 cup = ~215 cals), and definitely stick it in your post-workout meal when carbs are oh-so-important.

      Third, don’t just rely on HIIT. I would definitely recommend adding in some long-duration cardio a few times per week (~30 minutes). Unless there’s one mode you LOVE, try circuit training — 10 minutes elliptical, 10 mins rowing, and 10 mins stationary bike. Or use the stair master, treadmill, etc. Whatever methods are most attractive for you.

      Keep working hard — it always pays off.

      • Sue

        Hey Bryan, thank you for those pointers! I have added long duration cardio now! (evening jogs by the beach). When I said strength training, I meant body weight training. I lost more than 10 pounds doing Beach body turbo fire. Then I started Insanity. It was pretty hard. I couldn’t motivate myself everyday. So I started chalean extreme and lost another 5+ pounds. Until now, I was doing the 30 day realtime challenge by body It is 30 sec cardio 10 sec rest and 30 second strength (mainly using body weight, like push ups, planks, burpees, squats, lunges etc) and so on for 40 min to 1 hr! But again, it got too hard for me. I completed the challenge, but would skip the last 10 min most days! (not proud of it)
        However, I am liking your workout. It is challenging, but doesn’t make me feel like skipping the next day! I am taking more than an hr though!
        Thank you!

        • Awesome — I’m glad you’re liking the plan. It’ll reduce in time as you get better at the workout and your body gets stronger. If it’s running TOO long, definitely cut out sets.

          There’s no shame in shortening the workout and gradually working your way up over time.

  • Celia

    how many sets are recommended?

  • Erica

    Been doing this several days now and am really liking it so far!
    Question though – Should I be increasing the weight on each set for some of the exercises? Or keep the same weight through the exercise and aim to increase at each subsequent workout?

    • For this plan it’s a combination of both. Let’s pretend you’re doing a Clean & Press, 3×12 reps.

      1. DURING the workout — if you’re able to hit 12 reps on set 1, increase the weight for the next set. If you can’t, stick with the same weight.

      2. NEXT workout — if you were able to hit 12 reps during the previous workout, up the weight and with the smallest available increment. Shoot for 12 reps, but if you’re only able to get 6/8/10/11 at first, that’s not a problem.

      And then continue to repeat the cycle. Hit the given number of reps > increase the weight. Rinse, repeat.

      • Erica

        Sounds great – thanks!

  • Sai

    Hey, I’m a complete beginner and recently joined a gym (I’m already well versed (not expert nor beginner but I know enough) inside nutrition so I’m well aware of what I need to do. I joined sunday and my current workout plan is MON – SAT with SUN off (Also the day that’s my cheat day off of my diet), So far I’ve done each workout set (Still not comfortable with doing it without having a phone to look at each exercise), My first day, monday (A) was alright, a bit shaky but alright (I did what i could and walked home in shame since i didn’t do all of them) based on that i said i needed to do all of them, on tuesday i went again and made sure i did to my extent (I made sure to do each set to the furthest i could -> I stopped at the last excercise, I just couldn’t, i hit the wall – i attempted to go around it or even break it several times but i just hit my physical limit), the next morning when i woke up i felt it all, I STILL FEEL IT. I do understand that form is very important and on my tuesday form i attempted my best at getting the form proper to reduce any problems (specifically back problems!!), I even image trained the forms while i was taking a rest (my 30sec rest) from the excercise, my back doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t physically hurt but my body is sore and my back, i highlight, my back is especially sore! Might i have over-done some of the form or is this a good thing? Is this a good sign that I’m off to the right start? Also another question (Nutrition based), I want to tone up, I’m 141 right now (I lost a good 7 pounds since i started my diet), my diet consists of mainly protein and carbs with little fat, Every morning I’ve been eating oat-meal w. blueberries or bananas and for lunch I’ll make a sandwhich (Chicken breast pan fried) with some local Italian baguette (CARBS!) or a simple peanut butter sandwich (whole wheat bread and org. peanut butter) and my dinner usually consists of salmon or chicken w. sauteed spinach or mushrooms or tomatoes followed with quinoa. Should i add any changes to my current meal plan or what? Again, I’m trying to tone up. Thank you again for taking your time to read this. Also if it does any good, I workout in the morning with an empty stomach (works fine for me) and i eat right after i finish taking a shower.

    • Sai

      I couldn’t go to the Gym today, I don’t feel physical pain but my lower back is killing me, Anytime i move it’s in discomfort.I must’ve done improper form, please respond back when you can!

      • Hey Sai,

        First off, you should be proud that you pushed yourself and absolutely NOT ashamed. This is an incredibly difficult and rigorous plan, it’s a challenge to get through. Your main goal is always to do better than your previous workouts and progress — that’s it.

        If it’s too hard and you’re hitting the wall, slowdown and/or stop. When you’re doing this alone, err on the safe side; injury is the quickest way out of the gym.

        Soreness and pain are different things. If you’re extremely SORE, that’s completely natural and it’s a sign that you’re hitting your muscles correctly, especially with a workout of this caliber + intensity. Keep emphasizing form and technique with EVERYTHING.

        I’d also recommend scaling back and adding an additional rest day or 2, potentially every 4th day (A>B>C> OFF). And maybe even 2 rest days if you’re really sore. That tends to happen when you’re starting a new plan — that soreness will dissipate and get less severe as you start training more frequently.


        • Sai

          I’ve gotten the routine down. I just finished 2 weeks of it and starting this week (my 3rd) I’ll be adding weight, 5LB each week.

          Right now My goal is to tone up, At Age: 19, CW: 143, BF : 20%, I realize I need to build muscle and lose fat , especially lose fat. 20% isn’t something I’m proud of.

          I am currently working on my diet, I even went as far as to nearly almost finish reading a book on the popular keto diet. I wanted to go through with it after all my research on it (Enough to understand what it is, simple a switch in energy conversion + intake, low carb + high fat (For Energy) + Moderate Protein (Muscle stability). If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love your opinion in regards to my situation. Questions being, Should i be gaining weight at 143 at 19 or should I be losing? Should I undergo Ketosis or should I undergo something else? Also I’d love a sample diet plan throughout the day if you wouldn’t mind. I’ve been recommending this website to a lot of friends besides that, it’s great and makes things very simple for beginners!

          • Don’t focus on gaining or losing weight, that’s narrow-minded. Focus on recomposing your body through consistent weight/resistance training, HIIT cardio, and diet. Your weight will fluctuate, but if you keep doing the right things it’ll head in a positive direction. Stay the course.

            I wouldn’t recommend following a ketogenic diet, especially not in your situation.

            Keep it well-rounded + balanced; keep protein intake HIGH; emphasize healthy fats, lots of veggies, fruit; and eat complex carbs — especially before and after training. Drink a lot of water, green tea, and some coffee. Sugar and junk HAVE to get cut out, outside of occasional indulgences. Don’t focus on counting calories — focus on eating healthier foods. Your hunger levels will start to automatically regulate themselves.

            Definitely spend some time reading our Diet + Nutrition section:


  • AC

    This workout looks great. I did the first one this morning. I’ve been running consistently for a year and a half or so but have mostly neglected weight training. I’ve lost about 25lbs with running and better eating. It’s time to add some weight training to get another 20 or so off. I had a question, how long do you recommend doing this plan before transitioning to something else?

    • Hey AC — In your case, I’d roll with it for 8 weeks. It’ll give your body enough time to get proficient in all of the movements and really capitalize on the workouts.

      Once you hit that point re-assess how you’re doing. If you’re seeing steady gains, stick with it. If you’re hitting a little bit of a plateau, that means it’s time to switch it up.

      – Bryan

      • AC

        I’ll do that. Appreciate the response!

  • Avee

    I’ve taken this workout in as my primary regimen for the past month, and I am very happy with the results! I began with 3 on/1 off (I was used to resting every three days with Crossfit) but I realized it’s unnecessary with this type of exercise. My arms are nicely toned– the best they’ve ever looked, really. Actually, my whole body has really never looked better! Nutrition is the easy part for me, although I believe in desserts 1-2 times a week so my metabolism stays high. I’ve lost about 7 pounds, but it came as an added bonus since weight loss was never my primary goal. I slightly modified the ab workout for Workout C because of equipment availability and then added a few extra exercises. Super satisfied overall. Keep dishing out the good workouts, Bryan! Thanks!

    • Thanks a ton Avee, that’s amazing. Keep up the KILLER work!

    • Stephanie

      Hi, Avee! What are your stats (gender, height, weight, calories and macros, etc.)? Seven pounds in a month is AMAZING especially if you weren’t even aiming for that. I am wanting to lose some weight and would be absolutely thrilled to pieces to lose 6lbs in the next four weeks. I’ve been lifting for a while and eat clean already but I’m curious. Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Hi! I’ll be doing workout C tomorrow and saw the distance cardio says low to medium intensity. I did my HIIT the first day mostly around 8mph on sprints. What would you suggest for the distance cardio? I’m 33 years old, female and intermediate level. Also, I’m glad to see I can add a little cardio. I have a party in four weeks that I’m really trying to knock the socks off my friends plus my husband’s birthday is coming up so it would be nice to have some serious results by then. 😉 I started lifting about 7 months ago (I found this site shortly after and love it and recommend it all the time!) and although I haven’t lost any weight I’ve definitely slimmed down. I am lowering my calories with this program bc I still have fat I want gone. I have high hopes for these next 8 weeks! Then it’s on to another wotm!

    • Hey Stephanie,

      Regardless of what mode you choose, go as hard as possible in a way that let’s you finish the entire 15 minutes. You’re also more than welcome to make the cardio longer if you’d like.

      Try not to focus so much on weight numbers — it’s entirely possible (and very likely) that you’re building a little bit of muscle mass and recomposing your body at the same time. That’s how the plan is designed.

      You might’ve dropped 4 pounds of fat, but gained 4 pounds of muscle at the same time. It’s technically a net 0, but I’d call that an incredibly positive 8 pound swing. If anything, grab a body fat % monitor and use that to gauge your progress.

      Keep pushing and working your butt off like you’re been doing. The results will continue to pile up. Keep me posted!


  • Hi Bryan,

    I’ve been out of the gym for a little over a year, and though (luckily through genetics) my BMI hasn’t really suffered (5’4″ and 140lbs) I’m not in the shape that I once was and am eager to get back there – like a “look stunning in a bikini” sort of way as well as get a lot healthier. 🙂 I’m back in the gym almost every day and I absolutely love the HIIT method, but I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to gain lean muscle and I’m wondering if the sumertime shred workout is best. That being said, I’m also wondering which type of recovery product that you would recommend for post-workout that isn’t going to be counter-productive to my desire to lose lbs.

    You’re awesome for putting this stuff up! Thank you!

  • Logan Fink

    Hey Bryan, I did your Tough Mudder workout last year and it was awesome! Really prepped me for the race and It was so much fun I am doing it again this year!

    Currently looking for a change to my current routine, and the 4/2014 WOTM looks really great. Only concern is that I don’t want to give up my distance running days (currently doing 6-7mi once a week), and I see that there is some distance built in to this, but not really enough for my taste. Think going for 4 gym days and a distance day would be too crazy?