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[WOTM, 04/2014] Sculpt The Ultimate Beach Body With The SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle

Workout C — Abs + HIIT + Distance Cardio

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Image: Muscle and Fitness

1. Bicycle Crunches

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 45 seconds

Target Muscle(s): Abs, Obliques, Lower Abs

  • Lie flat on the floor with your legs extended and hands behind your head. Pull your right knee into your chest and simultaneously crunch your left elbow across your body — your knee and elbow should point at each other.
  • Immediately kick your right leg out, pull your left leg in, and crunch your right elbow across your body. Repeat for 45 reps (each cross-crunch is 1 rep).



2. SUPERSET — Planks + Side Planks

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 60 seconds (planks); 45 seconds/side (side planks)

Target Muscle(s): Abs, Obliques

  • Complete an ab plank for 60 seconds. Stay as flat as possible throughout the movement.
  • Roll over onto your left side and immediately complete a side plank for 45 seconds. Immediately flip over and do it again on the right side.



3. SUPERSET  Swiss Ball Crunches  + Swiss Ball Jackknives  + Swiss Ball Roll Outs

Screenshot 2014-04-02 23.03.21

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 15 reps (crunches); 12 reps (jackknives); 15 reps (roll outs)

Target Muscle(s): Abs (All)

  • Complete 15 Swiss Ball Crunches. Position your lower back on top of the ball and SQUEEZE at the top of each rep.
  • Immediately complete 15 Swiss Ball Jackknives. Draw your knees in towards your chest. Keep your back flat during each rep — don’t let it arch.
  • Immediately complete 15 Swiss Ball Rollouts. Your forearms should be positioned on top of the ball at all times.



4. The Lower Abs Trifecta

Lower Abs Trifecta, lat, Reverse Crunches

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 15 reps (pulse ups); 10 reps (reverse crunches); 30 seconds (ab V hold)

Target Muscle(s): Abs, Lower Abs

The Lower Abs Trifecta (LAT) is a strategic superset that hypertargets and blasts the lower abs. It involves three exercises — Pulse UpsReverse Crunches, and Ab V Holds — performed back-to-back. Check out our full walkthrough guide here if you’re unfamiliar with any of the 3 exercises.

Here’s a summary of how it works:

  • 1. Find an open floor space or grab a flat bench — that’s all you’ll need to start.
  • 2. Complete 15 Ab Pulse Ups . Once this gets too easy, hold a dumbbell in between your feet as you pulse upwards.
  • 3. Without resting, immediately do 10 Reverse Crunches . Again, once this gets too easy, hold a dumbbell in between your feet as you crunch inward.
  • 4. Without resting, immediately do an Ab V Hold  for 30 seconds.
  • 5. Rest 1 minute.
  • 6. Repeat steps 1-5, for a total of 2 LATs



5. Mason Twists

Mason Twists

How To:

Protocol: 1 set, 40 reps

Target Muscle(s): Abs, Obliques

  • Grab a light kettlebell or dumbbell and find a large space on the floor. Sit firmly on your butt, bend your knees, and lower your torso into a V position. This is your starting position — stay balanced.
  • While bracing your abs, powerfully twist your torso from side to side, tapping the kettlebell/dumbbell to the floor on either side. Don’t drop your legs or torso during the motion.
  • Repeat for 40 total twists (once to the left and right counts as 2 reps).



6. Cable Crunches

Kneeling Cable Crunches

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets, 15 reps center + 10 reps left + 10 reps right

Target Muscle(s): Abs, Obliques

  • Attach a rope handle attachment to the top of a cable pulley station. Grab the rope with both hands and lower your body down onto both knees. Stick your butt out, set your hips back, and form a 45° angle with your torso.
  • Tighten your abs, puff out your chest, and slowly — WITHOUT moving your hips — crunch your abs down towards the floor. Once your chest is roughly parallel with the floor, squeeze your abs for 1.5 seconds.
  • Slowly extend your back, stretch out your abs and spine, and return to the starting position. Increase the weight as your abs strengthen.



7. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

How To:

Protocol: 1 set — as many reps as possible

Target Muscle(s): Lower Abs, Obliques

  • Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands at shoulder-width. While keeping your back straight, contract your lower abs and slowly raise your legs until they’re parallel with the floor. Don’t swing, rock, or use momentum.
  • Pause for .5 seconds at the top and return to the bottom. Do as many as you can in 1 set.
  • If Hanging Leg Raises are too difficult at first, substitute with Hanging Knee Raises  or the Captain's Chair . Repeat the same motion, except with your knees bent.



8. HIIT Cardio

Protocol: 10 minutes of HIIT cardio

  • 1. Walk 1 minute as a warm-up (~3 MPH)
  • 2. High Intensity Interval 1: 45 second all-out sprint. Sprint speed is going to vary on a person-by-person basis — choose a level that’s intense and makes you run HARD, but at the same time make sure it feels safe. Start conservative and gradually work your way up over time.
  • 3. Low Intensity Interval 1: 60 second walking rest interval (3 MPH)
  • 4 High Intensity Interval 2: 45 second all-out sprint
  • 5. Low Intensity Interval 2: 60 second walking rest interval (3 MPH)
  • 6. Repeat 3 additional intervals
  • 7. 2 minute walking cool-down (~2.5 MPH)
  • 8. Finish



9. Distance Cardio

Protocol: 15 minutes

Do 15 minutes of low-to-medium intensity cardio. Pick your favorite — the treadmill, elliptical, arc trainer, rowing machine, and stationary bike are all great options. Or, run outside. Your call.

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Bryan DiSanto

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