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[WOTM, 09/2015] Lean Out And Harden Your Body With The 3-Day Body Shredder Workout Split

Workout C — Abs + HIIT


1. [SUPERSET] Ab Planks Side Planks

How To:

Protocol: 3 supersets — 90 seconds + 45 seconds/side

Target Muscle(s): Transverse Abdominis, Obliques

  • (1) Hold an Ab Plank for 90 seconds (or as long as you can). Keep your body as straight as possible and don’t let your hips drop.
  • (2) Immediately roll over, prop yourself up your elbow, and hold a Side Plank for 45 seconds. Keep your body in a straight line. Repeat for the opposite side.



2. [SUPERSET] Bicycle Crunches Ab In-And-Outs

How To:

Protocol: 3 supersets — 45 reps + 25 reps

Target Muscle(s): Abs (All)

  • (1) Do 45 Bicycle Crunches. Keep your core tight and touch your opposite elbow to knee.
  • (2) Immediately do 25 Ab In-And-Outs. Your body should form a “V” at the top, and should lay completely flat at the bottom (use your hands to stabilize your body if necessary). To up the difficulty and work your inner thighs, hold a light medicine ball between your knees.



3. Hanging Leg Raises

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How To:

Protocol: 3 sets — 15 reps

Target Muscle(s): Lower Abs, Abs (All)

  • (1) Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands at shoulder-width.
  • (2) While keeping your back straight, contract your lower abs and slowly raise your legs until they form a 90º angle with your torso. Do not swing, rock, or use momentum and keep your legs straight.
  • (3) Slowly lower down to the bottom.

If Hanging Leg Raises are too difficult at first, replace with Hanging Knee Raises. You can also do knee raises on a captain’s chair.



4. [SUPERSET] Oblique Twists Plank Knee Tucks

How To:

Protocol: 3 supersets — 45 reps + 15 reps/side

Target Muscle(s): Obliques, Lower Abs

  • (1) Do 45 Oblique Twists. Balance on your butt, hold a medicine ball, and twist from side to side. Tap the ground on either side and keep your core tight.
  • (2) Immediately flip over into push up position and do 15 Plank Knee Tucks per side. Bring your elbow in as far as possible and crunch down on your upper abs. If you’re able to, up the difficulty and bring your knee across to the opposite elbow.



5. Ab V-Ups

bootcamp-v-ups (1)

How To:

Protocol: 2 sets — 15 reps

Target Muscle(s): Lower Abs, Upper Abs, Abs (All)

  • (1) Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended.
  • (2) Contract your upper abs and raise your legs and torso at the same time. You should form a “V” with your body. Touch your toes at the top and hold for 1 second.
  • (3) Slowly lower down to the ground. Repeat.



6. HIIT Cardio — Stairmaster Blaster

Protocol: Stairmaster — 9 minutes

Finish off your leg workout with the Stairmaster Blaster HIIT Workout. It runs 9 minutes and requires a stair mill (this thing). The stair mill allows you to take lunge steps and shift foot positioning, which actively hits different parts of the lower body.

It’ll completely eviscerate your quads, hammies, and butt after squatting and lunging yourself to death.

If you’re unfamiliar or confused, refer back to the full workout plan. It has all the details you could ever want. And if you don’t have a stair mill, substitute it with any of these HIIT workouts.


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