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Collagen Peptides — The Protein Powder You SHOULD Be Taking For Radiant Skin, Cellulite, Strong Joints, & Anti-Aging

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*This article is not sponsored by or affiliated with Vital Proteins. I just really, really like the product.

What if I told you there was a supplement-a protein powder, actually-that could help make your skin more clear and radiant; decrease cellulite, the appearance of wrinkles, and the damage caused by UV light; improve joint health and arthritis; and reduce the development of osteoporosis.

Plus it packs 18g of protein per serving – and does all of the above without any side effects or an exorbitant cost.

Meet collagen peptides. They sound fancy and super science-y. I promise, they’re not.

Like most gym and workout junkies, I’ve had a documented love affair with whey protein powder.

It works and it’s a massive staple in my diet, smoothies, and on-the-go eating repertoire. I’ve taken the time to review 150 of the biggest brand name protein powders on the market. And I continue to HIGHLY recommend whey and plant-based protein powders to anyone who’s looking to slap on new muscle mass, speed up muscle recovery, and catalyze a lean diet.

But for me personally, I’m over it. Whey protein powder, we’ve had a good run. It’s time for something better.

I’ve made the switch to collagen peptides, specifically the ones from Vital Proteins (blue lid). They’re my new go-to wonder supplement for a stack of important health benefits, including perks that go far beyond building muscle and sparking fat loss. Plus, you get all of that SAUCE without any of the digestive issues, additives, sweeteners, or artificial crap found in most protein powders.

Here’s why you should hop on the collagen peptide bandwagon, too. If you do decide to join me in this journey, you may want to check out enhancedpeptides – peptides for sale so you can see the kinds of products I’m talking about.

Collagen 101: What Are Collagen Peptides?

collagen peptides, vital proteins collagen peptides, vital proteins, collagen, collagen supplements, hydrolyzed collagen, collagen protein, collagen drink, collagen peptide, collagen hydrolysate, pure collagen, collagen for skin

First things first, you need to understand what collagen is.

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body. It makes up roughly 30% of all protein in our body and plays a massive role in the construction of skin, bones, muscles, nails, hair, cartilage, tendons and other forms of connective tissue, where it actively provides strength, structure, and support.1

Collagen actually makes up the 90% of bone-it’s stronger than steel on a fiber by fiber basis-70% of skin, and is particularly lush in-and-around joints.

Just like the fibers in the shirt you’re wearing, or the concrete and steel that go into a skyscraper, think of collagen as the foundation of strong bones and radiant skin. Basically it’s the glue that keeps our connective tissue together, strong, and working smoothly (the word collagen is derived from “kolla” in Greek, which literally translates to glue).

That’s peachy when collagen levels are surging. But when collagen production dips, our bones, skin, and joints start to visibly deteriorate and age.

“Collagen keeps skin resilient and joints working smoothly, and provides the structure in the tissue that connects our organs-but past the ripe old age of 30, everyone’s collagen production declines. If you lose the collagen structure in your bones, that’s osteoporosis. Lose the collagen in skin, you get wrinkles.” -Steffen Oesser, founder of the Collagen Research Institute in Kiel, Germany2

Similar to the picture above, lack collagen and you’ll develop wrinkles, poor skin, and degenerative bone and joint conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Your infrastructure starts to wilt.

If all of that sounds like what happens naturally when you age, you’d be correct. And that makes perfect logical sense.

Collagen production naturally decreases with age. That’s a universal truth that goes for everyone. It’s also stunted by overexposure to UV light, which is exactly why sun exposure and fake tanning accelerate skin wrinkling. Smoking and sugary foods also have the same impact.

And that’s where collagen peptides come in. They’re short-chain amino acids-in the form of a flavorless, odorless, ingestible powder-that are capable of naturally boosting collagen production in the body.

Think of it as a little anti-aging forcefield.

By increasing collagen production you can actively offset, prevent, and slow the natural aging process AND improve a number of skin, bone, and joint conditions – especially if you’re predisposed to joint pain and arthritis, osteoporosis (especially big in women), or skin problems like acne and rosacea.

It could be beneficial to your health and well-being that you try and increase your collagen production as joint conditions such as arthritis could cause a lot of pain and suffering for an individual. In fact, you may be in that much pain that you decide to look into buying the best CBD oils that you can find in your area to help relieve some of your symptoms of arthritis. But looking into how to increase your collagen production in the first place, could help to prevent or slow down the progression of these conditions which could save a lot of suffering.

Naturally, collagen comes from animal bones, tendons, and cartilage, typically in the form of gelatin – gelatin is the cooked form of collagen. That’s why bone broth has become such an en vogue food item, especially for paleo junkies. Animal bones and carcasses are loaded with collagen, which in turn breaks down into gelatin as the broth cooks and formulates.

If you’re a fan of chicken soup or broth, or cook regularly with stock, you’re getting a healthy dose of collagen in the form of gelatin.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen Peptides?

collagen peptides, vital proteins collagen peptides, vital proteins, collagen, collagen supplements, hydrolyzed collagen, collagen protein, collagen drink, collagen peptide, collagen hydrolysate, pure collagen, collagen for skin


Collagen peptides have been tested in a long list of human studies and are connected with a spectrum of health and aesthetic benefits. Because collagen plays such a massive role in the composition of skin and bone, unsurprisingly, there’s significant evidence that shows collagen peptides can help delay the aging of skin and bones.

Practically, that means a smaller chance of osteoporosis and slower development of wrinkles and cellulite. The full list of potential health benefits include:

  • Improves skin elasticity, skin moisture, skin hydration, and skin firmness.345
  • Decreases cellulite and the appearance of cellulite.6
  • Reduces skin wrinkles. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 114 women, 8 weeks of collagen peptide supplementation reduced wrinkle depth by 20%.7
  • Significantly boosts the body’s production of procollagen, a precursor to collagen. The same study found that procollagen levels were elevated by up to 65% after the 8 week period. That’s MASSIVE.
  • Increases bone mineral density and stimulates the production of osteoblasts (cells responsible for new bone formation). All of that helps keep bones stronger, for longer, and works to resist osteoporosis.8910111213
  • Improves joint health, lubricates joints, reduces pain, and slows the development of osteoarthritis.141516
  • Just like whey and other protein powders, collagen peptides can help improve body composition, build muscle mass, and accelerate fat loss when combined with weight lifting.17
  • Suppress skin damage and aging caused by UV-B light (aka the sun)18
  • High in Glycine, which can help reduce stress and boost sleep quality. Collagen is about 22% glycine by weight.19
  • Promotes hair and eyelash growth. Collagen’s high arginine content is thought to increase blood and nutrient circulation to hair follicles.
  • Helps with digestion and gut health.20

BONUS POINTS! Collagen peptides also double as an extremely pure, clean protein powder.

As a brand and product, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are as good as it gets quality-wise. They pack 18g of grass-fed protein per serving and only contain 1 ingredient – collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised, Brazilian cow hides.


They’re also non-GMO, rBGH free, kosher, dairy and lactose free, and completely devoid of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, additives, and allergens that are stuffed into basically every brand of protein powder.

If you’re someone who chronically suffers from digestive problems (*raises hand high*), collagen peptides are an incredibly effective way to take a protein supplement without destroying your stomach in the process.

Should I Take Collage Peptides?

collagen peptides, vital proteins collagen peptides, vital proteins, collagen, collagen supplements, hydrolyzed collagen, collagen protein, collagen drink, collagen peptide, collagen hydrolysate, pure collagen, collagen for skin

Verdict: BUY BUY BUY – Vital Proteins, $41 Amazon

Mmmmhmmmmm. 100%. Make the switch, immediately. Try them for 1-2 months, I guarantee you’ll notice a huge boost across the board.

Personally, I’ve swapped out my typical whey protein for Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides over the past 3 months and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. My digestion is SIGNIFICANTLY improved; my skin, nails, and hair have all seemed noticeably more supple, clear, and radiant; and I’ve noticed better energy levels, mood, and sleep patterns.

It’s dangerous to attribute that many positives to one product-and you shouldn’t-but the digestive impact alone is enough to keep me using it.

Collagen peptides go with pretty much anything, beyond just protein shakes and smoothies.

They’re completely flavorless and odorless, and they dissolve easily in cold or hot liquids, to the point that you’ll never notice that they’re there. Coffee, tea, soups and stews, oatmeal, yogurt, sauces, condiments, baked goods, frittatas, protein pancakes, smoothie bowls, etc. are all fair game.

Give ’em a shot. You’ll shoot yourself up with protein and anti-aging goodness.

BUY: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – $41 Amazon

Bryan DiSanto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
ELLO ELLO I'm Bryan DiSanto. I'm the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Lean It UP, a CPT/CSN/Fitness Coach, Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu – Paris, NYU graduate, ex-fat kid, and all-around fitness junkie.

I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

When I'm not working on my abs (or somebody else’s), whipping up avocado roses and avocado toast, or running a Tough Mudder, I'm probably yelling at a Carolina Panthers game somewhere.

Come be friends with me on Instagram (@BRYDISANTO) & Snapchat (BRYDISANTO).
Bryan DiSanto
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