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Don’t Break Your Resolutions In 2015 — 7 Principles To Help Crush Your Goals This Year

*This article is sponsored by Meta Health and their line of wellness products.

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We’re a week out from February. It’s the turning point for lofty resolutions, when most goal-setters decide to push through and ascend or hop off the train altogether.

And if you’re anything like the vast majority—myself included—it’s overwhelmingly likely that you’ve abandoned a resolution in the past. Hell, my goal in 2014 was to burn through 1 new book per month. That didn’t happen in January, and I immediately nixed the goal for the rest of the year.

But that’s not uncommon. Almost 30% of resolution-makers drop their goals after only 2 weeks. And extrapolated out, an anemic 8% fulfill their resolutions come year-end.1

We suck at this. Broken resolutions are an epidemic.

In that spirit, we’re dropping a few SIMPLE principles to help make resolutions more manageable and keep your ambitious goals sailing. Whether you’re trying to pack on muscle and Hulk-like strength, lose weight, learn a language, or become a guitar master, don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be.


7 Principles To Help Crush Your Goals This Year

broken resolutions, goal setting, broken goals, resolution setting, new years resolutions, better goal setting, new years resolution, fitness goals

  • 1. Chunk it up — Goals don’t need to be set for a magical 12 month timeframe. Sure you might have an end goal, but micro goals are much more manageable and realistic than one massive behemoth. If you’re working with a weight loss goal of 12 pounds for the entire year, break it into 1 lb chunks (1 lb/month). Evaluate your goals at the end of every month. If you’re ahead of schedule, your starting goal was too low. Aim higher. And if you’re falling behind, don’t beat yourself up. Work harder to make it happen.
  • 2. Start small — In line with the micro goals mentioned above, don’t be afraid to start small with a goal that’s more manageable. The idea that small changes can lead to good things later on is something Meta likes to call the “Meta Effect.” If you’re looking to eat healthier, it can be as simple as committing to drink 1 protein shake every day, taking a multi every morning, or chugging a fiber drink mid-day (we like Metamucil).
  • 3. Reset constantly — Assess your progress on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. And if necessary, reset your expectations and your ultimate goal. If you get off track in month 1—life is messy and things get in the way—re-calibrate and carry on. Just because you get de-railed early on does NOT mean you should stop pursuing whatever you set out to do. Right now is always the best time to start anything.
  • 4. Tell somebody — You’re significantly more accountable if your friends or significant other KNOW your goals and are emotionally involved. That support system is invaluable, and if you’re anything like me, you HATE letting people down. If there are other people involved, you’ll be much more committed and mentally engaged throughout the process. Plus, when things start to get tough, you’ll have someone to bounce your frustrations off of. And when you inevitably crush whatever you set out to do, it’s a great excuse for a group party.
  • 5. Add external incentives — Hitting your goals can be an explosion of sprinkles and glitter on its own, but adding a little extra incentive is extremely powerful. Maybe that’s a monetary reward, an uber-cheat meal, an exotic rendezvous to the other half of the world, or finally buying that one thing you always felt guilty about buying. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  • 6. Be flexible — Above all else, flexibility is critical. It’s great to set a specific goal, but that number isn’t permanent and unmovable. Frankly, it’s probably pretty arbitrary. Things WILL get shaken up throughout the process, and that’s inevitable. Expect challenges, hurdles, and random obstacles to get in the way. The universe won’t magically open up doors to align with whatever you’re aiming to achieve. As you’re navigating the year ahead, breathe when you fall off course and shift your expectations. There’s no shame in that, it happens to everyone.
  • 7. Don’t be bound by January 1 — I’ve made it know that resolutions are stupid. You should be setting new goals constantly throughout the year — NOT just on January 1st. Push yourself to grow, develop, and do new things constantly. The calendar shouldn’t dictate that.


What’s the biggest #BrokenResolution that you’ve committed in the past? And what are you doing to smash your goals in 2015? Check out this video from Meta dedicated to the Broken Resolution Blues then head over to their Facebook page to share your #BrokenResolution.

Bryan DiSanto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Lean It UP
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I also contribute to Men's Health Magazine.

When I'm not working on my abs (or somebody else’s), whipping up avocado roses and avocado toast, or running a Tough Mudder, I'm probably yelling at a Carolina Panthers game somewhere.

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Bryan DiSanto
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