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Get Empowered To Crush Your Own Goals (Without A Trainer) With The Spitfire Athlete App

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Why show when you can teach?

That was the mentality behind the creation of a new, comprehensive fitness app: Spitfire Athlete. The app was developed by Nidhi Kulkarni and Erin Parker, two women who not only bonded over a love for protein powder and bodybuilding, but teaching other women how to reach their full fitness potential. The duo describes their creation as a strength training app that empowers you to achieve greatness. 

Upon downloading the app, you are asked to select 1-of-2 tracks: Build Strength or Build Physique. From there, Spitfire helps you write your own story. It creates your own personalized goal plan, taking into account the type of equipment and workout you have access to: weights and a gym or on-the-go, bodyweight exercises. All of these options lead you to different goal plans. Spitfire recommended the Warrior Strength Training Plan for me, which included four jam-packed weeks of cycled squats, deadlifts, and presses that progressively build strength in sets of 5. Finally, it guides you step-by-step through each workout plan, complete with exercise demos, a timer, and the ability to log your results.

But what makes their workout app so much different than all of the others that crowd the app store? In an interview with TechCrunchKulkarni and Parker seem to outline three major things that they feel make it more innovative and useful for women, and ultimately separates it from the rest.

  • 1. It won’t happen in 5-7 minutes. Fitness goals, whatever they may be, are long term. This dynamic duo seems to know this and Parker feels that most workout apps show “women on the floor lifting their legs up a couple of times, exercises that are completely fake. All the legit stuff that actually gets you results are never shown.”
  • 2. You don’t have to be a pro. Kulkarni and Parker don’t want users to feel that they must be elite bodybuilders to do high-intensity exercises or see results. In addition, they want users to trust the information about the workouts and exercises they are seeing, so their biographies and background information are available on the app to view.
  • 3. Real people, real results. The images that are shown on the app are not models, they are just regular people. Any picture of an exercise being demonstrated is most likely one of the founders themselves. What makes the app even more comprehensive is that you must choose from a selection of goals that then provide you with detailed workout plans on how to achieve them. Their hope is to one day create a community of Spitfire-users who can share workouts and create new goals.


Spitfire Athlete — The Bottom Line

spitfire athlete, spitfire app, spitfire athlete app, spitefireathlete app, fitness app, fitness apps, workout app, workout apps, fitness iphone apps, app with workout plans, workout plan app, best fitness apps, best workout appsIt’s still a start-up app, with a long way to go in terms of development. As with any type of new technology, there are some glitches. It’s nice that the workouts provide start-and-stop 5, 3 and 1-minute timers, but you can’t pause them. This becomes problematic if you need to reread instructions, grab water, or just take a quick breather in between reps.

In terms of layout, it isn’t the most “user friendly” application on the market. A positive interactive experience is generated when users do not get confused. There is room to cut down the chatter, condense information, and simplify touch-screen features.

And in terms of marketing, this app is definitely not just for women. All of the workouts included on Spitfire are just as challenging and difficult for men; the abundance and variety is a great way to stay motivated. Whatever smartphone app you use, if any, always remember to change it up and continuously push your muscles to achieve results.

Try It Out: Spitfire Athlete — iTunes Store, Free 

Julie Fine

Julie Fine

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Julie Fine
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