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Get A Full Resistance Training Workout In Anywhere, Anytime With The Mega Bar [Product]

Hi Lean It UP family! My name is Obidi; I’m a young lover of fitness, the founder of Gym Supreme—a fun new fitness tech company—and creator of the Mega Bar, now on Kickstarter. This is my story of how it all came to be.

My fitness journey started during my freshman year of college. I had worked out before, but I was never really consistent and I didn’t actually know what I was doing, or what it was like to be healthy. So I started focusing on eating clean and training to help strengthen my body, and like most of us, once I started seeing results, I was hooked on getting fit. For me it wasn’t about just looking good, the original reason I started training and eating healthy was because I wanted to know what it felt like to live a healthy lifestyle. It just so happens that making the right decisions for your body will improve your looks.

I continued my journey learning about what it meant to be fit, and eventually I became the friend that everybody always asked the fitness questions. Before I knew it, I was also the guy my friends called anytime they wanted to train. I had one friend in particular that I always looked forward to helping because he was so enthusiastic about getting in shape. He and I would work out together consistently over the summer at the gym where I was a member, but every time I went back to school after summer, his fitness journey would slow down because he didn’t have consistent access to a gym or any quality equipment he could use at home that would give him the same variety.

Little did I know that the problem my friend had would lead me to creating a solution to help him stay consistent with his workouts.


Introducing The Mega Bar

Screenshot 2014-11-19 16.35.58

That’s the story that led to the concept behind Gym Supreme’s first product, the Mega Bar  a compact and versatile new product that gives you access to every resistance exercise for a full body workout anywhere.

I started designing it at 19, the summer before my senior year of college, and all I wanted to do was create a product that would help us all stay consistent with our health, toning, and strength goals anytime and anywhere we wanted. We all have a desire to be healthy, but the problem is that we get so busy that it becomes hard to stay consistent with the actions that keep us healthy.

I’ve experienced that same scenario through the journey of launching a company while having two jobs. There are some days where I feel like skipping a workout, but it never actually happens because no matter how late in the day or early in the morning, I can still get a great resistance training workout done through free weights, suspension straps or resistance bands thanks to the variety of the Mega Bar. Fitness is not bound by location, you just have to move, and it doesn’t matter where the movement happens, as long as you’re moving to keep your fitness goals progressing.


“Fitness is not bound by location, you just have to move, and it doesn’t matter where the movement happens, as long as you’re moving to keep your fitness goals progressing.”

Just like everyone’s journey to a fit body, it took a few years of consistent hard work to bring the Mega Bar to life. It launched on the 1st of November on Kickstarter, and it’s gaining some good momentum. I was so excited when I saw the first sale come through because it meant that a great workout product is finally on its way to helping more people stay consistent with their health goals. It meant that someone will now have the convenience and versatility to do everything they need, whenever they want to without falling into the trap of fitness product gimmicks we see in the fitness industry.

I want Gym Supreme to be a company that helps us all reach our fitness goals by giving us the resources we need to stay consistent. Getting fit is exactly like starting a company — you start at the bottom, but consistency will get you to the goal no matter how long it takes. The slogan I chose for the company is lift good, live good, look good, and Gym Supreme is on a mission to help change the way the world thinks about getting fit. Let’s transform it from an occasional activity we do when we feel extremely out of shape, and into a lifestyle that gives us all the benefits we love out of life. A lifestyle that helps us Lift good, Live good, Look good®.

Please take a check out the Kickstarter video at the top to learn more about the amazing Mega Bar and to support a promising new fitness company. And if you’re interested, please consider visiting the Kickstarter page to order your Mega Bar.

Thanks for the support!

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