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6 Pieces Of Insider Intel Commandeered From An Ex-Chipotleer — NEVER, EVER Get The Lettuce

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Image: ABCNews

We’ve dished on the best ways to lean up your Chipotle. Sure, a burrito and chips can quickly push 1,700 calories. But it can be a decently healthy, protein-packed option—especially when you’re traveling or in a bind—as long as you’re smart and take 2 seconds to do a little burrito strategizing.

Just use this 9-step plan whenever you’re craving fast Mexican.

But on a deeper level, I’m curious about how Chipotle functions and what actually goes on behind the counter. Behind the nutrition label. Conveniently enough, Reddit hosted a fascinating AMA (“ask me anything”) with an ex-kitchen manager about all-things Chipotle, in all access fashion.

It’s noone with celebrity-status, but nonetheless, he’s an experienced insider that answered a ton of questions and dropped a stream of interesting intel — including their secret guac recipe and the best way to get hooked up with extra meat.

Feel free to peruse the full thread, but here are six of our favorite tidbits. Get the guac, and definitely don’t get the lettuce. So much vomit in my mouth.



Q: What is the most disgusting thing that people order?

“Lettuce. Seriously.


Washing the lettuce takes forever, and those in the back are on super strict time tables. Sometimes, read: 95% of the time, they don’t wash it thoroughly. Not only is it dirty and grimey as all hell, but we used to find bugs in it all the time. Both alive and dead. Just. Don’t get the lettuce.


Most everyone adds lettuce. It’s pretty awful, I could never say anything.”


2. Barba…bag?

Q: How do you make that delicious barbacoa?!

“Truthfully the barbacoa isn’t marinated or anything in-house. Nor are the carnitas. Everything else is, however. The barbacoa comes in these plastic bags that they stick in this thing called a rethermalizer (much like at taco bell) which is just a big thing of hot water, for 45 minutes. They open the bag and pull apart those strings of barbacoa into a pan and put it on the line.”


3. Guac It Up.

Q: $1.80 for guacamole. WTF is that about??

“Honestly I don’t even work there anymore, nor do I particularly care for the company. But I don’t think they charge enough for guac. It’s made fresh every day, and it takes WORK to make it. Cutting avocados in half, pitting them, scooping out all the meat, dicing the onions, dicing the jalapenos, mashing it (total workout), packaging it for the line, etc x8.


Think about it like this, an organic avocado at Whole foods costs $2. Chipotle charges $1.80 for 2 avocados worth of guac, labor, and all the other ingredients.”


4. Secret Recipes.

Q: What’s in the guac? Avocados, red onions, and cilantro are obvious, but what else goes in it?

“Avocados (48 normal sized), Red onions (2 1/2 cups diced), Cilantro (2 1/2 cups 1/4” flake), Jalapenos (1 cup diced), Lime juice (Citrus juice, 1/2 cup), Salt (3 tbsp).


That’s the recipe, it’s up to you to reduce it.”


Q: I have been wondering this forever. Please answer me! TELL ME HOW TO MAKE THE RED TOMATILLO SALSA!

“It’s just pico de gallo. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and jalapenos.”



Q: What’s wrong with the fresh tomato salsa?

“It’s not fresh, yet it’s the only thing they advertise as “fresh” on the line, whereas many other things on there are made in house that day.”



Q: If you get take out a lot, is it a big deal to take a bottle of the chipotle Tabasco sauce if you have run out of the last one you took home?

“Take all the Tabasco sauce you want. Chipotle gets them for like 3 cents a bottle and they receive huge pallets of the stuff twice a week. Of course, try to be at least kind of slick about it.”


Q: Any tricks so I can get some more chicken underneath the table?

“Go during peak hours. There’ll be a bunch of people working, the likelihood of ‘this guy got extra meat’ reaching the register is next to none. Keep quiet about it and it’s the perfect crime.”


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