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[Motivation] Project NAA — Overcoming Fear And Experiencing The Revolution

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I’m not afraid anymore. Are you?

Twenty-fourteen is the year of not being afraid anymore — I call it Project NAA.

The way it works is simple. If there is an obstacle, daunting task, or personal conflict causing anxiety or limiting your productivity — in any realm of life, including school, work, sports/hobbies, social settings, relationships, etc. — you repeat the phrase “I’m not afraid anymore,” clear your mind, and face the challenge without any hesitation.

Let go of all the fear you have. Let it evaporate.

The concept came out of my passion for rock climbing and mountaineering. I am constantly trying to push myself beyond my capacity, but I’ve been bogged down by fear, which has hamstrung my climbing ability and fitness. When I am leading a difficult section I am typically afraid of taking a big fall and getting severely injured. I noticed within the limited time I began believing in this mantra (NAA), I have completed climbs 2 grade levels more difficult than I ever had; without any of the anxiety I was facing.

And there’s spillover to other areas. I am lifting heavier and outlasting my best times during cardio workouts; pushing my physical level beyond anything I thought I was capable of.


How Can YOU Use Project NAA!?

I’ve observed the influence this simple phrase has on myself and the people around me who use it. The mantra carries great energy and positivity and can/should be used in all facets of life, whether it’s in the gym or outside of it.

For example: if you are overweight and want to drop the extra 40 lbs, NAA will help push you to get there. If you are afraid of adding an extra 20 lbs to your bench press or signing up for a Tough Mudder because it seems overwhelming, try utilizing this simple and effective mental exercise to bust through limitations. Paralyzed by the thought of asking that cute girl out? NAA, son.

Accepting fear is the first step towards overcoming it. Being afraid is a natural part of the human experience. Embrace it and you will own it. Don’t be afraid anymore.

Please spread the idea of Project NAA and push yourself to places you never thought you could go.



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