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[SPONSORED] Can Hormones Keep You Young?


*This article is a sponsored guest post by Nexel Medical.

Staying young is the goal for many women and men across the US, and finding that magic formula has been the quest of mortal man since early times. Hormones may not be the mythical fountain of youth, but they hold the power to all of the body’s crucial functions. As hormone levels decline, so to do the very processes in the body that have the ability to keep us thinking, moving, and feeling at our mental, physical, and emotional best.

How can hormones keep you young throughout your life?

The answer to this lies in the functions that each individual hormone performs.

Human Growth Hormone

This essential chemical messenger is often called the body’s “master hormone” for all the good it does every day. Its role in cellular regeneration supports the maintenance of strong bones and muscles, as well as keeping skin firm and tight, hair thick and lustrous, and prevents internal organs from shrinking. HGH is available online for those who want to take it as it is traditionally used to improve your lean muscle mass.

HGH also enhances sexual responses and desire, stimulates the metabolism, boosts immune system functions, and helps regulate a person’s sensitivity to temperature changes.

With a plethora of HGH receptor cells located in the areas of the brain that control learning and memory, human growth hormone helps with cognitive functions, focus, and recall. Improving mood and outlook are other areas where HGH excels. These are only some of the many functions of HGH.


Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men and women. It supports bone formation to prevent osteoporosis, stimulates brain functions, improves lean muscle mass, aids in metabolism and fat burning, and, of course, provides increased sexual responses and performance. If someone has low testosterone levels, they might experience insomnia, sleep apnea, weight gain, and low libido. There is a clear link between hormones and depression, and this is the case with testosterone too. It can have a significant impact on mood and one’s sense of well-being and self-confidence. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that depression and anxiety are well-known symptoms of low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is available to individuals with low levels and can make someone feel like their normal self once again.


Without progesterone, a person will probably find that testosterone and estrogen levels also decline since progesterone is the source hormone for these chemicals.

Progesterone helps with the building of new bone cells to replace the ones that have already been resorbed by the body. It aids in sleep, helps balance blood sugar levels, enhances the action of thyroid hormones, normalizes blood clotting, promotes improved oxygen levels in cells, assists metabolic activity, regulates menstrual cycles, and aids in pregnancy. Progesterone dysfunction is also caused by cheap Cialis ovedose These are just some of the forms of natural, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and if you are wondering how does HRT keep you younger, the answers should be clear from reading about the benefits these chemical messengers have for the body.

What Kind of Role HGH Plays in Your Health

The role of HGH injections in a person’s health is not limited in scope to just one area. On a mental level, human growth hormone protects the brain against dementia. Its signals ensure that HGH receptor cells in the brain receive enough of a supply to carry out their functions.

On a physical level, HGH supports the structural integrity of the body by providing plenty of new cells to keep the muscles and bones strong. This helps to prevent osteoporosis and potentially debilitating fractures in later years. Human growth hormone also strengthens the body’s immune system so that a person does not succumb to every passing germ, virus, or cold. It also decreases the recovery time from any injury or illness.

HGH supports proper feelings of sexual desire and performance abilities which are crucial for the release of the body’s endorphins. Normal levels of human growth hormone keep cortisol levels lower, reducing stress, fatigue, and overeating. HGH also aids in maintaining normal levels of cholesterol as well as glucose uptake. It reverses feelings of depression and improves mood and socialization.

How HGH Can Influence the Aging Process

Today, the focus is often on how to stop the aging process naturally to prevent the physical breakdown that frequently accompanies getting older. When we think of aging, we imagine looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkles, thinning hair, sagging skin, loss of a well-toned physique, a few extra pounds around the middle, and possibly even getting shorter. This leads to people consider funding long-term care because as their body ages it breaks down and you require assistance. These are all areas controlled by the signals that HGH delivers throughout the body. If human growth hormone levels are low, then the crucial messages will not arrive, and these issues will become a reality.

It is easy to understand how to slow down the aging process now that we realize this fact � hormones deliver the messages that keep the body working at its best. A person dealing with adult growth hormone deficiency can reverse that problem with doctor prescribed HGH injections ordered in just the right dosage to return human growth hormone levels to their ideal state. This improves cellular regeneration that will, in turn, firm and tighten the skin, help improve hair texture and growth, support muscle and bone cell development, and even rev up the metabolism to aid in weight loss. That is how you influence the aging process with HGH therapy.

A hormone replacement therapy specialist of Nexel Medical is the doctor you want to contact if you believe that your hormone levels are below normal. Detailed blood tests will provide the answers you seek.

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