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The Squat Gauntlet — 7 Different Squats, 1 Grueling Workout


4. Front Squats

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2 sets — 12 reps, moderate weight
Rest — 45 seconds


Target Muscles: Abs, Shoulders, Quads

Unlike traditional squats, which place resistance on the back half of the body, front squats place it on the front half of the body — specifically on the abs, shoulders, and quads. These are one of the most effective exercises to build a strong, tight, ripped-up midsection.

Start by folding your hands backward and grasping the bar with your fingertips. Pinch your back, puff out your chest, and slowly descend. Make sure that you keep your center of gravity on the back half of your feet and resist the pull to hunch forward.

These are difficult and use different muscles groups than the traditional squat; start light to get the form down and gradually work your way up.



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Bryan DiSanto

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Bryan DiSanto

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