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[UPWOD Nº22] The Chiseled Chest & Triceps Workout

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*UPWODs are Lean It UP’s Workout of the Day. For more info on UPWODs, how to do them effectively, and what they’re all about, read the introductory guide before starting.

**You can find all of our previous UPWODs here.

Chisel out a hulking, striated chest and titanic triceps with UPWOD Nº22. Good luck driving home or opening doors after, though.

The Chiseled Chest & Triceps Workout uses supersets and hard-hitting dumbbell power exercises to pump up the chest and burnout the triceps. Because it primarily uses dumbbells and calisthenics, it increases the use of stabilizing muscles, expands RoM, and activates muscle fibers to a higher degree than most traditional chest workouts.

That variety helps shock the system and stimulates new growth. But in addition to the size and strength gains, it’s predominantly designed as an aesthetic, bodybuilding-driven workout.

UPWOD Nº22 thrashes the upper chest, inner chest, and outer chest, all of which are important dimensions of a gorgeous, well-rounded chest. Do it right and you’ll build a strong upper-shelf along the collarbone, deep delineation down the sternum, and separation across the bottom and sides of the pecs.


After your chest is throughout torched, it finishes by progressively churning through all 3 heads of triceps to slap on size and pull out horseshoe-status definition.

Chisel out that slab of marble.


[UPWOD Nº22] The Chiseled Chest & Triceps Workout

chest workout, chest workout plans, workout of the day, wod, daily workout, workouts, workout plan, workout plans, workout routine, workout routines, work out, gym workout, work out plans, workout program

The grey column provides substitute exercises that you can do in-home with resistance bands (RBs) and dumbbells so that everyone can blast through the UPWODs.

If you don’t have resistance bands, I use and recommend Black Mountain’s set. If you need dumbbells, I love the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells.

Bonus info for each exercise:

  • 1. [SUPERSET] Dumbbell Chest Press + Dumbbell Flies — do both back to back. Lower to a full extension.
  • 2. [SUPERSET] Incline Dumbbell Chest Press + Incline Dumbbell Flies — set the bench to a 45º angle. For flies, lower the dumbbells up high along your collarbones.
  • 3. [SUPERSET] Bar Dips + Push Ups — standard reps of both. Aim for 20 dips and 25 push ups. Substitute with bench dips if needed.
  • 4. Barbell Skull Crushers — slowly lower the bar all the way down behind your head. It should reach the crown of your head. Squeeze your triceps at the top. You can also do these with dumbbells.
  • 5. Overhead Dumbbell Press — sit on a short bench with back support. Press a dumbbell directly overhead (hold the top with both hands), bend at your elbows, and slowly lower it behind your head. Press it up and squeeze your triceps at the top.
  • 6. [SUPERSET] Tricep Rope Pulldowns + Reverse Cable Triceps Extensions — for pulldowns, use a rope attachment. For reverse cable triceps extensions, use a straight bar with an underhand grip. Squeeze your triceps at the bottom and extend all the way up.
  • 7. Dive Bomber Push Ups — start in downward dog position with your butt up. Bring your triceps down, slide your chest down along the floor, and press up into a full extension with your head up into a cobra position. Your hips should be down against the floor. Reverse the movement by sliding your chest back down against the floor and then pressing up into downward dog.

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